Rudd talks money with Seven special

Seven has just announced another news special for 6:30pm Sunday night, Minding Your Money: An Audience with the Prime Minister.

The half hour special, to replace The Outdoor Room, will see PM Rudd talking to a forum of Aussies in a pre-recorded special filmed on Sunday afternoon.

Seven says there will be “no moderator, no filter,” just the PM one on one with audience members. Last week’s hurried Financial Crisis Special did well for Seven, at over 1.4m viewers. Nine even dropped Battlefronts from its forthcoming schedule as a result.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will front a Seven News special this Sunday night to answer the questions of every day Australians.

He spent more than $10 billion in one day to boost our economy and help families struggling to cope. Now the PM will respond to issues raised by Australians who have been directly affected.

Mr Rudd’s cash injection has provided bonuses for pensioners, carers, low- income earners and first-home buyers, in a move the Government hopes will help save our economy from the financial crisis gripping the globe.

Minding Your Money: An Audience With The Prime Minister will have Australians from all walks of life represented – first home buyers, pensioners, people on minimum wage, mums, dads, families, employees and employers.

But who’s eligible for the grants? How will the money be paid and what can you do to safeguard your financial future?

For the first time in Australian television history, the PM will take the public’s questions unfiltered. There will be no moderator – just Mr Rudd and you, the Australian people.

“This is crunch time for all of us,” says Channel Seven CEO David Leckie.

“I am delighted that the Prime Minister has chosen Seven in his initiative to inform and reassure the Australian public.”


  1. Good on rudd, help the needed, What about the newsart person,, That looks for work all the time an fine nothjing,, the money be fine to help,, out whith getting car for work out off, town ballarat is giong, to the dogs work cuts evevr were,, my self can get work picking the fruit that feeds the fat cats, an jhons, hold nothing for chance rudds, it will all come down on ya party,

  2. It pisses me off royally when these things are put on commercial tv stations. Every one of us get to pay for sbs and auntie. The government should be made to use them instead of giving a boost to a shareholder owned commercial station. If the ABC and SBS aren’t good enough for our paid reps to use, sell the things off and save us some cash.

  3. Will there be a rerun of the special… nobody gets the seriousness of this… i see some of these comments… only thinking of yourselves… we are in a depression boarder line state and some of you wanna no what about my money… well that money wont be helping anything.. the fact is its only slowing… people who aint worth the money wont get it… im unemployed coz nobody wants me… i got a girlfriend who needs centrelink help plus has a crap paying maccas job… what about me i should say to… but i dont… as long as America is in crisis we have to follow… thats what all the finance and government say… “we will do this… it will be over soon” that translated… “we are screwed but we dont want massive panic and attack so we tell you what you wanna hear” so im the first of many to say that we aint ok… rich or poor… people say rich are still good… nope… the poor is who make em rich fools… so they are all in it!!! goodluck everyone… read up on iceland if you can… and a town in our own country…

  4. koch and his bestist buddy old Kevin Ruddy mess! I wonder if Koch will bring up the solar panel debate with him or is the enviroment not trendy anymore?

    Watch how Koch sucks right up to the Kevinator! (he’s just terminated half the surplus, he’ll get the other half soon!)

  5. Something jocular…

    What I think of $even’$ $pecial…
    “Our Money-How to wa$te thirty minute$ of $hareholder$ time… while our $hare$ plummet.”

    Whenever thi$ airs- Jamie Durie goe$ to Japan… no a $light change, goe$ to a Japane$e garden in Au$tralia due to $hare market cra$h.

    $even’$ $unday $chedule
    6:30 Your Money
    7:00 A Wa$te Of Money (aka the U$ Kath and Kim)
    7:40 Dancing with the $tars

    (Count the dollar $ign$ David…)

  6. how do I get to ask a question and its not what I get out of $10b, but that the $10b could trigger another overheat of the economy making the current situation worse, but in say 12 months time

  7. What about a young single male, with a full time job and mortgage like myself get from Rudd? Sweet FA.

    The new annoys me when they say “Bonuses for all working class Australia” – Yeah right.

  8. Gotta say these kind of things REALLY position Seven as the news leader. So quick to react and in touch with what Australians want (call it dumbing down the news – whatever – it’s in tune with what Aussies want)

    5 years ago this would have been Nne

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