Sam signs Nine deal

Despite his worst year for controversies on The Footy Show, Sam Newman has been re-signed by Channel Nine or another 3 years.

“Love him or hate him, Sam is a must-watch every Thursday night,” GTV9 boss Jeffrey Browne told

“We’re very pleased to come to a new agreement with one of our truly great television stars.

The Footy Show is an iconic brand and Sam is integral to its enduring success.”

According to reports, Newman’s deal is worth up to $3m -which would be quite a coup given PBL Media debts.

Newman said he would not know until he turned up next year whether there would be any format changes to the show.

He said he presumed co-hosts Garry Lyon and James Brayshaw would remain in their positions, along with humorist Trevor Marmalade.

Source: Sunday Telegraph


  1. Leave footy analysis to Footy Classified or Pay TV.

    I don’t particularly like Sam or even football, but on the odd occassion that I flicked onto The Footy Show earlier this year, Sam was the most interesting part of the show. He’s a bit like a car crash – you can’t bear to watch, but you do anyway.

    He’s a nothing but sexist old fart, but he knows it and exploits it to create as much attention and I guess that’s what makes him so compelling to so many viewers.

  2. The guy goes a little overboard sometimes, but he’s pretty much the reason why I watch it late at night in Brissy. I guess some people don’t like his humour, but he appeals to me for just saying things nobody else does, whether it be out of context or not. His arrogance is probably the reason he talks and acts the way he does. If you don’t like Sam, don’t watch it, like Ali said. If we had to put up with Gary Lyon and James Bradshaw every week, I wouldn’t tune in. Don’t get me wrong the guys are great, but without Sam, they’re, well the Today show. Trev is another highlight of the show. Once shows get rid of their main talent, most of the time, it sets the course for turning into shambles.

  3. i like him he’s funny. Trick is don’t take him too seriously. Granted he’s over steped the mark a few times but he’s there to entertain and he does that. People talk about him.
    David I don’t think you have ever attacked sam have you? I don’t remember reading it that’s for sure.

  4. @JJ & Nathan

    Sam newman may “make the footy show” as you say but he obviously does not appeal to everyone and is costing the show a lot of viewers. just look at this websites response.

  5. Oh well, Nine had achance to maybe get me back to watching Footy Show – not now !!

    Newman is great when he talks footy seriously.
    but the playing the clown and continual sexist jokes, continual sniping at Seven, continual nit picking at others by Newman, just makes me sick.

    I won’t be watching.

    Seven & Ten – upto you now, put on decent stuff on Thursday nights and I will watch.

  6. To my knowledge The Footy Show is still a ratings winner so it’s a wise decision by them to keep him. If they were to get rid of him then they could potentially be destroying a foundation which has worked for years.

  7. wow, ch 9 could have cut off a large deadweight here i know a lot of people that do not watch the footy show just because they cant stand sam newman

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