Simpsons Halloween Week

As that time of year draws closer, TEN will mark Halloween with a week of Simpsons Halloween eps.

Five of the zany episodes will screen at 6pm from Monday October 27 to Friday October 31.

Monday 27 October TREEHOUSE OF HORROR V Season 6, Episode 6
The Shinning : The family becomes caretakers of an estate in the mountains owned by Mr. Burns, where he cuts the cable and takes out all beer, which leads Homer to insanity.
Time and Punishment: Homer fixes the toaster and it becomes a time machine. While visiting the past, he kills a bug, which affects the future in a big way. When he tries to fix the timeline, he breaks it again. He ends up trying numerous times until he settles on his family eating with frog-like tongues.
Nightmare Cafeteria: Principal Skinner finds a solution to his overcrowding problem and the quality of meat in the cafeteria. He decides to eat the students.

Tuesday 28 October TREEHOUSE OF HORROR VII Season 8, Episode 1
The Thing and I: Homer and Marge warn the children not to go up into the attic. Of course they do and there they discover Bart’s Siamese twin, who plans to sew them back together.
The Genesis Tub: Lisa’s science experiment becomes a quickly-developing micro-universe, where she is thought of as God and Bart is the devil.
Citizen Kang: Homer is abducted by aliens and taken to Washington where they replace Clinton and Dole just in time for the election. Homer tries to explain the truth, but no one believes him.

Wednesday 29 October TREEHOUSE OF HORROR III Season 4, Episode 6
Clown Without Pity: Lisa tells the tale of how Homer purchases a Krusty doll for Bart’s birthday. Homer’s life is quickly in danger though, when the possessed doll goes on a mission to kill him.
King Homer: Grampa spins a Simponsized version of King Kong, with Homer cast as the title ape, Marge as King Kong’s object of affection and Mr. Burns as the millionaire entrepreneur trying to capture King Kong and make a profit from him.
Dial “Z” for Zombies: Finally, Bart tells a story in which he casts a spell from a book of witchcraft and accidentallybrings Springfield’s dead to life.

Thursday 30 October TREEHOUSE OF HORROR IV Season 5, Episode 5
The Devil and Homer Simpson: Homer falls asleep, while Carl and Lenny eat all the doughnuts. When he realises that all the nearest doughnuts are gone, he sells his soul for a doughnut.
Terror at 5 1/2 Feet: Bart dreams about his death on the schoolbus, and later realises, that his dream is starting to become real when he is the only one to see a gremlin taking down the bus piece by piece. Nobody sees it except for him, so he tries to get it off.
Bart Simpson’s Dracula: Mr. Burns is a vampire and Bart falls victim to his bite, Lisa convinces the rest of the family they must go to his castle and put an end to the curse.Friday 31 October

Friday October 31st TREEHOUSE OF HORROR Season 2, Episode 3
Bad Dream House: The family inhabit a haunted home, which possesses their souls, and causes them to attempt to kill each other.
Hungry Are The Damned: The Simpsons are abducted by aliens, Kang and Kodos, who seem to have plans on eating the family.
The Raven: A grief-stricken Homer is tormented by bad bird Bart.


  1. For those wondering where the newer Halloween episodes are, I suspect that Ten doesn’t want to have to edit them to fit into the G-rated timeslot of 6pm.

    Prehaps they could take Friends off for the week and give us some of the newer ones at 7pm.

  2. More recent Treehouse of Horrors or Halloweens or even whatever they called the season 19 one… I forget what that was called but it wasn’t TOH or Halloween.

  3. The earlier Halloween Specials (early- mid-1990s) are so much better written and animated than the Mike Scully years (season 9-12) and post-Scully years. Run the classics alongside the new ones and you’ll see what I mean.

  4. What is wrong with them? Just a couple of weeks ago, they were advertising a “rock week” and during the Olympics, it was the stupidely named “D’ohlympics”. Fine, they can show them like that but why advertise something that’s been on a MILLION times!

    And I noticed that they cut out a part in tonights episode. I know the episodes practically off-by-heart and I know they cut a part out!

  5. Bah. They’re only playing the older ones. 🙁

    Would’ve been nice to see some of the later Halloween episodes that we haven’t already seen several dozen times.

  6. Good to see Ten going with the classic and funnier Treehouse episodes! It’s such a shame that none of the other channels give much notice to Halloween, it’s normally Ten with a Simpsons week and a couple of the Foxtel movie channels….

  7. They seem to play the same Tree House of Horror eps over and over. It would be nice to see some of the later ones or do Ten not have the rights to show them?

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