Summer of Temptation

Channel Nine’s trusty game show Temptation will return to screens in December.

The show with Ed Phillips and Livinia Nixon has been off throughout 2008, but Nine is understood to have two months’ of episodes, which it filmed in the middle of the year.

While it isn’t yet confirmed, Nine is likely to slate the show at 7:00 across summer non-ratings.

It will join another audience favourite, McLeod’s Daughters, as part of the network’s summer line-up.

When TV Tonight exclusively reported that Nine had cut short its production order for the game show in June, a spokesperson said, “It’s the last weekend of production of Temptation for the time being and that should get us through for the year.”

Two and a Half Men has been delivering fantastic results for us across the board,” the spokesperson said at the time.

And therein lays the reason the local game show has to wait until summer.

Having filmed its episodes in the middle of 2008 it will be interesting to see how if some of the questions have dated.


  1. It isn’t possible for Temptation to return to 7pm. 9 cannot survive without two and a half men there. and nearly everywhere else that isn’t CSI

  2. They should bring it back to 7pm weeknights and put the 2.5 men in at 6:30pm ACA can go to the scrapheap where it belongs news at 5:30pm and a proven comedy like My Two Dads or My Two Wives Anyone remember those from the late eighties early nineties or other Sitcoms in at 6pm.

  3. Jimbo, If I recall correctly, we have NOT seen all episodes of The King Of Queens. It may have ended last year in the US, but it did not here. They stopped it half way through non-ratings and put in 2.5 men.

    David, you might want to confirm this for me if that is ok?

  4. Zambora i know that sounds like a great solution but TT and ACA are powercards in the tv world, they usually get just under the news’ ratings. I’m pretty sure they will be with us forever =(

    It might work for ch10 tho give all of us another option, neighbors might do better in another slot maybe 5:30?

  5. Good one 9 let one of your very few if good TV shows die a slow and painful death in the non ratings why not wake up and put temptation in the 5:30 timeslot as a competitor to DOND it cant hurt it would probably also give a better lead in to the news god knows you need it

  6. I can understand keeping Two and A Half men in a slot that is working for them right now, but I think they were too hasty in cancelling temptation.

    IMO its a proven performer, why not try running it at 5.30 for their news leadin – could actually be good competition for DOND – people like it, its evident from the 1.3 million it has achieved in the past. It can’t be any more expensive to produce than ‘million dollar wheel” LOL!!

  7. Livinia needs a show that can let her be Livinia, which is why everyone connected with her in the first place.

    But unfortunately, she’s contracted to Nine.

  8. Well its been missed this year,but at least we will have something to watch over summer.Livina Nixon was nines IT girl in 2007 seen everywhere on ur screens this year she just back to weather presenting 9 news melbourne,Ive notcied last few weeks shes been presenting nines newsbreaks in melbourne,maybe nine might be trying her out for new role newsreading,hope so shes another very talented woman………….hey nine get her to present nine news over summer.

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