TEN eyeing more factuals

It’s only early days on this news, but Network TEN is believed to be on the hunt for more light factual entertainment shows that can be stripped across its earlier primetime slots.

TEN execs are at MIPCOM in Cannes to look at new products for its 2009 slate.

As we know, Seven has built a formidable programming platform based around factual series on early weeknights. Shows like Border Security, The Force, RSPCA Animal Rescue and Medical Emergency have given the network a stronghold, that leads into 8:30 dramas.

Now TEN is understood to be looking for similar product, particularly in the light of the holes left by Big Brother.

But while Seven’s older audience has flocked to its factual series, several of TEN’s attempts have misfired.

Bondi Rescue was a big hit, but Bondi Rescue: Bali has vanished without trace. Jamie’s Ministry of Food didn’t exactly set the kitchen on fire last week either. Earlier attempts at reality shows like Teen Fit Camp, Kid Nation, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

How to Look Good Naked and Saving Babies did well enough. Kenny’s World seems to have an audience, but is hampered by its low lead-in. It returns tonight at 8pm. Another series, Bondi Vet is yet to air.

TEN’s recent attempt to revive a game show format early in the evening also flopped with Taken Out.

Yesterday, Seven CEO David Leckie was quoted as saying, “If I was (TEN’s programming chief) David Mott I wouldn’t know where to start getting 120 hours of prime-time television (to replace Big Brother).”

A defiant TEN is planning to reveal plans soon.

Source: C21


  1. That’s why 7:30pm-8:30pm is such a snooze for me. I can’t stand shows like this.

    When Big Brother died I thought “I hope 10 show some good things now” but I knew they’d find a way to screw us.

    Show some scripted shows you morons!

  2. Cheesy factual program… Timeslot – Inside Network Ten’s programming department. Spend thirty minutes wondering why your favorite show got shafted to TenHD or was just axed after two timeslot changes!

  3. What about ‘ So You think you can be a Network Executive?’ or ‘Download – how to see what you want, when you want’.

    Enough with the factuals / reality shows. How about some light entertainment, or some educational shows, or a documentary??

  4. Robert I would love a local version of cops i love the US version and a local one would be awesome

    as for factuals I love almost all of the ones on seven RSPCA is my favorite the only one I don’t like is find my family

    Far out how tragic am I loving all the factuals and wanting more

  5. richard, i think considering that channel ten targets at the “young” audience.. they dont really care about travel shows like getaway than the “older” audience does unfortunately.

  6. I am not a fan of the factuals, i watch them sometimes if the only other option is 2.5 men. i would never classify them as a favourite

    i think its obvious why 10 wants to make more of them: they are cheap, successful, and seem to last a long time

    And to a few people above: just because they are doing this does not mean that there will not be any new drama/ comedy/ light ent. There are still a lot of gaps left by BB.

  7. Cops rates well in the states only compared to mostly repeats on the other networks on a saturday night. I don’t think that putting it on any other night or prime time would work particularly well.

  8. I think 10 should make a local version of cops. Low production costs, and rates well in the US. The force is very repetitive (I still watch it) but if Cops had three segments and actually featured crime/arrests it would be much more interesting. They could do it back to back with the US version. It used to be on last summer on Fridays I think it could work again on a weeknight.

    I would also recommend putting The Office on earlier and giving it a good run. What will end up happening is that they will lose the rights and channel 7 will play it at 8pm and will have a ratings winner.

    Sometimes you just need to let some shows establish themselves rather than yanking them early.

  9. Ten don’t have any dedicated primetime travel shows. I think they need one. Kenny is actually a decent show cause of the travel element, but I think they need to have a proper show targeted at the 18-35 market.

  10. I think What’s Good For You is probably classified as a lifestyle show but I agree it’s one of the few worth watching as it’s mildly educational.

  11. I suppose the high ratings for Border Security and similar shows is the main impetus for this type of decision.

    Yes, whenever there are conversations at work or between family or friends, the majority of people express their wish for more comedy and more drama. It is generally scripted material that is desired if, and it is a big one, that it does not look cheap/under-budgeted or too silly in approach.

    There lies the problem. I think the networks know that we want this, but either will not or can not find the funds to do drama properly. Take The Strip for example. Low rent CSI: Miami. If it had a few extra hundred thousand per episode it would be a good show, but it just looks and feels cheap.

    I am afraid we are going to be stuck with more reality shows – perhaps including Australia’s Wildest Accountants, Bondi Garbage Collectors and Insane Adventures in Street Sweeping.

    It is disgraceful really. The last Border Security I watched spent ten minutes on an Australia Post worker opening an international package and testing the contents for drugs, but this was already known as the sniffer dog had identified it previously!

  12. Who wants factual , we need more light hearted comdey shows something instudio that people can get involved in sort of like rove but funny , and like hey hey but up to date!

  13. i love kennys world.. but they are putting it on tuesday which is suicide..
    channel seven has tuesdays in their pocket.
    but i personally will forego find my family for kennys world.

  14. The only one factual I will ever watch in the near future is the show What’s good for you. That one was actually interesting. No, not the spring one with gardening, money etc. That was just horrible and i stopped the tape and rewound as soon as i saw a garden. Other than that, I find the rest extremely boring.

  15. Spunkymonkeycaesar

    What is it with all these networks thinking viewers can’t get enough of their factuals?! Viewers have had enough, sadly the ratings don’t show though, for the people with people meters are the only ones who haven’t had enough! It’s sad that the networks only catering to a niche market, and that the people with people meters are supposed to be a reflection of the entire country! If programers think viewers want factuals and nothing other than factuals then in my opinion they’ve totally lost touch with the viewers in the mass market (those of whom unfortunately don’t have people meters!)

    I for one am fed up with factuals! – Sure some are ok, but note the word SOME!

    Is there any wonder why there is an increasing number of viewers flocking from FTA.

    – Spunkymonkeycaesar

  16. but what’s left to cover? they need to think “outside the box” i don’t usually go near factuals except for the animal ones but now that there are like 5 of them rather than just 1 (RSPCA) it is getting pretty tiring and i may give up on these also. but i do watch kenny coz it is different and quirky, not really a factual like the others coz it is a character presenting this info and there is writing involved in all those lines he delivers. so if they can come up with more interesting and new ideas they might be worth a look, but the ratings for this one haven’t been that great anyway so i don’t know why they want more of the same. they would need to get some pretty crazy brainstorming sessions going to come up with ideas that are actually new and unique enough to get viewers actually interested.

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