TEN on tenterhooks

Spare a thought for TEN. It's been an awful week, and worse may be yet to come.

It’s been an awful week for TEN, Taken Out, 90210 and Bondi Rescue: Bali were all erased within seven days of each other.

As of Friday TEN has only had three shows above the 1m mark -and one of those was a repeat.

On two nights this week TEN finished behind the ABC, with two more results yet to be handed down. As it tries to save face from a week of crushing blows, TEN is in danger of ending the week behind the ABC.

Ominously, Fridays are often weak for TEN, while Saturdays are generally strong for the ABC.

By Friday the results for the week stood at:

Seven: 30.5%
Nine: 25.9%
TEN: 19.8%
ABC: 18.7%
SBS: 5.1%

And while TEN’s fortunes are tumbling, there’s good news in sight for Nine. Melbourne playing in the NRL Grand Final is a ‘best case scenario’ for the network, giving it a big boost for Week 41.

Week 40

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  1. “Australian Drama suffers from “Trying too hard to be edgy like American shows” syndrome.”

    Exactly. That’s why The Strip is so painfully embarrasing. When I first saw the ads, I thought “This isn’t America. It’s Queensland for god sakes!” It looks like a bad clone of CSI: Miami. Bikini shots, overheard shots like in Miami-produced shows. Then the cast standing there, trying to look all tough. City Homicide is also horrible.

    I could go on all day about how bad Channel 10 is but judging from what everyone’s said here, I think we could run it better than them!

  2. I agree that reality and factual series blow goats for the most part. Sure, there are some like RSPCA Animal Rescue, Getaway and Better Homes and Gardens to keep the oldies happy and thats nice, but crap like Border Security and the 10,000 lifeguard and cop factual shows are tedious beyond belief. Then again, I guess they’re a better use of airtime than airing 11 episodes of a lame American sitcom a week.

    As for Aussie series, I can’t be bothered with most of them. Three of the 4 biggest Aussie dramas at the moment are all cop shows (CH, The Strip, Rush). I was going to watch PTTR but never got around to it as I’m usually busy Tuesday nights. The soapy crap like Home and Stay Away, Neighbores and McLeods are only good when switching channels during ad breaks. I suppose they appeal to old women and preteen girls though

  3. Guanolad I have to say I’ve really been enjoying RUSH as well as City Homicide and I much prefer them to the over stylized American shows with their perfect everything.

    You’ve just missed a fantastic Australian series on SBS The Circuit but I believe there will be a series 2?
    It is one of THE most powerful shows I have seen in many many years.

  4. I agree with Guanolad to an extent. It’s just sad when aussie shows try to hard to be like american ones. I like City Homicide but geez you think the producers have seen too many episodes of Criminal Minds? Even the abbreviated opening is try hard american.

  5. McLeod’s daughters is a great show IMO. Ok, Series 7 wasn’t very good but Iv’e been watching Series 8 on Nine Catch up and I’m loving it, the episode where Aaron Jeffrey leaves is easily one of the best episode’s of an Aussie drama I have ever seen, rivaling Kate Ritchie leaving H&A and Lisa McCune leaving Blue Heelers.

    Blue Heelers was another great show axed before its time and was very Australian and not just some Ammerican copy.

    Although aside from Packed to the rafetrs which I love my favaroute Aussie drama or soapie at the moment is neighbours. I think the show has litterally gone from strength to strength over the past year and actors like kym valentine, Jackie Woodburne and Ian Smith are what makes the show special. The Bushfire storyline, the Nasty Nicola storyline and Libby and Dan’s on/off romance have all been fantastic to watch and I always look forward to seeing the show every night. Its just a pity the ratings dont reflect the true brillience of the show.

  6. Trivia:

    The last time that TEN was behind The ABC is way back 2000,But it is When ABC covered the 2000 Sydney Paralympics….It was for 2 Weeks,I think…

    Now,ABC is Beating TEN even without having special Coverages…The Latter should be doing Something or else,This would be their Worst Year…EVER!

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