The Riches cancelled

The drama featuring Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver is no more...

The Riches will not be returning for a third season, an FX spokesperson has confirmed.

The Eddie Izzard-Minnie Driver con-artist drama had been in limbo since the conclusion of the second season last April.

Word of the show’s axing started to leak out last week when co-star Todd Stashwick announced on his MySpace page that “The Riches has been cancelled.”

That would do it.

In Australia the second series aired on the Showcase channel in August.

Source: EW.com

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  1. I’m puzzled as to exactly why it was cancelled. I got hooked on the show and now it’s no more. The first show my partner and I really got into watching and we don;t even get a conclusion?! Damn shame.

  2. I watched the pilot and thought it was average. This cancellation doesn’t surprise me, the concept of the weekly expeditions of some weird hicky gipsies robbing people and stealing other ppl’s identities was doomed to begin with. Now this means Eddie Izzard can go back to films

  3. Kind of sucks that it didn’t even get a rushed “omg writer’s strike” finale like a bunch of other shows did, simply ended like any normal episode halfway through the season.

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