Vince out for Underbelly 2

Vince reckons he's out for Underbelly 2 but is crossing his fingers for Underbelly 3.

No surprises here, Vince Colosimo is the latest Underbelly actor to rule himself out of the sequel, being prepared by Screentime for the Nine Network.

He told Moviehole his part won’t factor into the storyline of the next series.

“The next instalment is ’75 to ’85,” he said. “Then, next year, they might do ’85 to ’95 – and the character I play will come into it again. So I’m not in this next one, but if they get the all clear to do it, I’ll be in the next one”.

A large proportion of the sequel is said to be based in Sydney’s King’s Cross area, as well as depicting events surrounding the 1977 murder of anti-marijuana campaigner Don Mackay from Griffith.

Other actors said to be out of contention include Les Hill and Damian Walshe-Howling, currently signed to Seven. Rodger Corser and Callan Mulvey are also signed to TEN’s Rush.

Production is slated for October 13 to December 19th.

Colosimo will next appear on the upcoming SBS drama Carla Cametti, PD.

Source: Moviehole

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  1. I hated Colosimo’s performance in Underbelly. It seemed he was doing a very poor impersonation of the Silvio Dante character from The Sopranos. Quite enjoyed the other performances, though.

  2. Hmmm, so it wont be another re-run of the first one, that’s a good thing I guess.
    Curious to see how it pans out. Going to miss the characters but if they do something new then it might be good. I don’t know a thing about the situation in Kings Cross at the time and the whole Mackay thing. The part that made it interesting for the first one is that the majority of people around today had heard of the Underworld war thing, it’s still rather current and it dealt with popular places and landmarks, the fascination with what happened where was a part of the audience connection. Hopefully they can stick to that kind of formula if not grow on it.
    I wonder if putting it in Sydney was a co-incidence? I doubt it, try to capture both markets. It just feels a bit like of a playground situation, where the other kid who didn’t get a cabbage patch kid starts crying saying “I want one too!!”

  3. With Hill, Mulvey, Colosimo, Walshe-Howling and Corser out of Underbelly 2, there may not be a 3.

    Maybe I’m the odd one out, but I found those 5 guys in particular to be the most enigmatic players in the show and the reason I was hooked on it. The rest of the cast, while great, just weren’t on the top tier as these guys.

    Well, maybe Mulvey was a little flat in parts, but I thought that’s pretty accurate to the character.

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