Week 43

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Week 43 Top 100
Week 43 Pay TV
ASTRA Week 43


1 Seven News Seven 1.191m
2 ABC News ABC 0.986m
3 Nine News Saturday Nine 0.966m
4 Funniest Home Video Show Nine 0.903m
5 Toy Story Seven 0.874m
6 Toy Story 2 Seven 0.816m
7 Rough Diamond ABC 0.811m
8 The Bill ABC 0.796m
9 TEN News At Five Sat TEN 0.745m
10 Sleepers TEN 0.661m
Elf TEN Nine 0.653m
Rugby League World Cup Nine 0.320m
Mythbusters Rpt SBS 0.298m
Rockwiz SBS 0.259m


1 Better Homes And Gardens Seven 1.496m
2 Seven News Seven 1.313m
3 Today Tonight Seven 1.213m
4 Home And Away Seven 1.123m
5 Two And A Half Men TEN Nine 1.020m
6 A Current Affair Nine 0.958m
7 Nine News Nine 0.926m
8 ABC News ABC 0.926m
9 Taggart ABC 0.920m
10 Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone TEN Nine 0.892m
Murphy’s Law ABC 0.575m
International Rules Series – Test 1: Aus v Ire Seven 0.571m
United 93 TEN 0.563m
Download TEN 0.526m


1. Seven News Seven 1.346
2. Today Tonight Seven 1.301
3. The Prime Minister Is Missing ABC 1.241
4. Home and Away Seven 1.168
5. Two and a Half Men Nine 1.143
6. Law and Order: Criminal Intent TEN 1.118
7. RPA Nine 1.044
8. Getaway Nine 1.039
9. Law and Order: SVU TEN 1.016
10. Nine News Nine 1.009
11. The Amazing Race Seven 1.008
12. ABC News ABC 0.979
13. Make Me A Supermodel Seven 0.978
14. A Current Affair Nine 0.976
15. Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? TEN 0.891
The Strip Nine 0.843m
7:30 Report 0.816m
Catalyst 0.803m
Deal or No Deal 0.734m
TEN News at Five 0.719m
Heroes Seven 0.696m
Friends 0.508m
Antiques Roadshow 0.476m
Prison Break Seven 0.389m

Nine: 26.9
Seven: 26.8
TEN: 23.0
ABC: 18.9
SBS: 4.5


1. Two and a Half Men – 8:00pm Nine 1.421
2. Seven News Seven 1.421
3. Two and a Half Men – 7:30pm Nine 1.350
4. Today Tonight Seven 1.314
5. Criminal Minds – 8:30pm Seven 1.275
6. Medical Emergency Seven 1.265
7. Spicks and Specks ABC 1.246
8. Home and Away Seven 1.182
9. Two and a Half Men – 7:00pm Nine 1.161
10. National Nine News Nine 1.151
11. Crash Investigation Unit Seven 1.134
12. ABC News ABC 1.115
13. A Current Affair Nine 0.994
14. The Mentalist Nine 0.980
15. Criminal Minds – 9:30pm Seven 0.915
House 0.860m
CSI: NY 0.822m
Jamie Oliver 0.766m
Deal or No Deal 0.720m
Life 0.682m

Seven: 30.6
Nine: 27.1
TEN: 19.4
ABC: 18.8
SBS: 4.2


1. Packed To The Rafters Seven 1.868
2. Find My Family Seven 1.827
3. The Zoo Seven 1.716
4. Seven News Seven 1.406
5. Today Tonight Seven 1.305
6. Home And Away Seven 1.242
7. NCIS Ten 1.239
8. All Saints Seven 1.205
9. Two And A Half Men 7pm Nine 1.205
10. Nine News Nine 1.164
12. A Current Affair Nine 1.033m
13. Two And A Half Men 8:30pm Nine 1.003m
14. Two And A Half Men 9:00pm Nine 1.001m
15.The All New Simpsons TEN 0.999m
16. 20 To 1 Nine 0.970m
17. Rush TEN 0.969m
18. TEN News At Five TEN 0.875m
19. Two In The Top End ABC 0.866m
20. The 7.30 Report ABC 0.841m
The Chopping Block Nine 0.825m
Kenny’s World TEN 0.773m
Survivor: Micronesia – Fans Vs Favourites Nine 0.427m
First Australians SBS 0.243m

Seven 36.2
Nine: 23.8
TEN: 21.5
ABC: 14.3
SBS: 4.2


1. The Force Seven 1.763
2. Border Security Seven 1.677
3. Seven News Seven 1.546
4. Today Tonight Seven 1.471
5. City Homicide Seven 1.446
6. CSI Nine 1.333
7. Home And Away Seven 1.311
8. Two And A Half Men 7:30pm Nine 1.297
9. Two And A Half Men 7:00pm Nine 1.281
10. National Nine News Nine 1.124
11. A Current Affair Nine 1.099
12. ABC News ABC 1.043
13. Bones Seven 1.015
14. Til Death Nine 0.966m
15. Good News Week TEN 0.955m
16. Cold Case Nine 0.890m
17. Australian Idol TEN 0.888m
18. Australian Story ABC 0.867m
19. Enough Rope ABC 0.843m
20. TEN News At Five TEN 0.827m
Four Corners 0.819m
Deal or No Deal 0.795m
Supernatural 0.718m
Friends 0.601m
Top Gear Australia 0.598m
Out of the Question 0.437m
Bogan Pride 0.174m

Seven: 32.0
Nine: 26.6
TEN: 18.7
ABC: 16.8
SBS: 5.9


1. The Mentalist Nine 1.448
2. 60 Minutes Nine 1.357
3. Seven News Seven 1.329
4. Dancing with the Stars Seven 1.255
5. CSI: Miami Nine 1.206
6. Seven News Special Seven 1.117
7. 20 to 1 Nine 1.114
8. The ARIA Music Awards TEN 1.113
9. National Nine News Nine 1.101
10. Australian Idol Ten 1.100
11. ABC News ABC 1.011
12. Galapagos ABC 0.921
13. Movie: Grease Seven 0.761
14. TEN News TEN 0.751
15. Kath and Kim: The American Series Seven 0.729
The Long Firm 0.566m
Californication 0.543m
Who Do You Think You Are? 0.320m
First Australians 0.307m
Andrew Olle Media Lecture 0.261m

Nine: 30.1
Seven: 27.0
TEN: 23.2
ABC: 14.6
SBS: 5.1


  1. There are many more variables into the ‘fast-tracking’ debate and whether it works than just simply getting it earlier. Late starts, bumped around the schedule, as well as other delays also make the ratings dive, especially serial shows.

  2. Mentalist has move to keep it on as Sundays are now busy with Rugby but maybe they should have just moved that back an hour to 9:30?

    Fast Tracking works if people are informed that a show is no on that week in the US, have ads saying such and people will watch.

    Most of the interruptions coming just are for sport, this is why House will take a week off soon.

    ITA that some shows like Prison Break have rated poorly because of the late start time and no advertising, also it doesn’t help the whole fast track debate when a show is over a month old 😛

    Thanks for the ratings update David.

  3. Here’s the stupid thing with fast-tracking shows from the US.
    Unlike here in Australia, the US networks do not run the shows from week 1 to whatever in the series. They take a break at some stage of the series. This time of the year, it’s usually heading towards Xmas. Works well for them, but here in Australia, with such fickle viewing audiences across the boards, it usually fails.
    Least if we waiting for the US to get halfway through a series, we could screen the whole thing from whoa to go once it starts. Wonder how many people will keep watching shows like Mentalist, Heroes etc., once they start disappearing for a month or so.
    Also have to agree with an earlier post, what the hell is going on with the ratings guys??!?!?!?! Two And A Half Men??? It’s rubbish, no one watches it. Puzzling figures that dont seem to add up when you listen to what people are talking about.

  4. Only Channel 9 can take a great show with great ratings and kill it. Nice work 9 moving The Mentalist from Sun to Wed .. nice to see the ratings dropped half a mill over the space of a couple of days. Mind you, a hell of a lot of people watch The Mentalist and alot are talking about it on here … any chance the ratings figures are a big load of rubbish by any chance???? (god forbid that)
    Let’s hope 7 buys the rights to the next gr8 show out of the US ….

  5. if u want somthing to be high rated you got to advertise it prison break hasent been advertised yet i found out from a tv guide thats y it gets low ratings. channel should keep the mentalist on sunday and put somthing else on because now its geting low ratings

  6. The Mentalist dropped a lot, maybe Nine shouldn’t have moved it to Wednesday but kept it on Sunday. Looks like House is gonna stay at around 800k. I kinda did lost interest in the show since the original team got broken up. I want the people bring back the original team.

  7. Any word on how Newstopia is going? Shaun Micallef is brilliant, not everyone’s cup of tea I know, but this week’s episode was great… it’s a shame more don’t watch, although I’m glad it’s on SBS, no threat of it being pulled after 2 episodes!

  8. Thursday is a really low rating. 7 and 9 were as close as you can get to being tied. they don’t really have an outstanding reason to improve.

    the strip is not doing very well at all being beaten by TAR by almost 200k and L&O by 300k. imagine if there was decent competition.

    thursdays bring in much needed young demos for 7 it may keep the same timetable for the rest of the year. the fact that this is one of their worst nights and they tie with 9 is alright news

  9. Good to know the demos for Heroes are good,

    I still want to know what ch7 (and the others) consider “fast tracking” but I doubt they will ever say.

    I’m amazed we haven’t had a programing change from the networks in the last day or so 😛

  10. I think if 7 can hold on to around 700k viewers at 9.30 for Heroes, it will hold out in that slot for the season. They were only .1% behind 9 for the night and smashed both 9 and 10 in the younger demos, which is probably more important than the fact they (just) didn’t win the night in total people.

    9 are wasting RPA, it could easily be rating higher than 1.3mill in the 8.30 slot. The Strip needs to be canned, I do not see the logic in staying with this dog of a show when they removed McLeod’s for similar numbers.

    Criminal Intent is getting a bit of a free ride at 8.30. 7 should have left Bones there because it would have have been doing much better there that what it is currently doing on Monday.

  11. Will Seven stick with Heroes at 9.30pm or will they bump it to 10.30pm and put Knight Rider in at 9.30pm. Nine should swap The Strip and RPA around. The Amazing Race outrated The Strip comfortably last night which says alot about the quality of the show. It seems so amateurish compared to City Homicide.

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