Where are the shows?

With just two months of the ratings season remaining we're still waiting for Eli Stone, Reaper, Temptation, Rock Rivals, Out of the Blue and The Informant.

With just two months of the ratings season left, there are still several key shows promised by our three Free to Air commercial networks that are still waiting to launch.

When it comes to promising us the new programming, it’s the Nine Network that still has the longest “To Do” list.

Nine has two months worth of new Temptation episodes sitting on the shelf. There are eight episodes of the UK drama Rock Rivals (pictured). We were promised Toasted and Roasted specials, The Irwin Family Zoo and game shows Jingles and Amnesia (since cancelled in the US). It’s elbowed Chuck and Pushing Daisies out to December and The Young Doctors back to 2009. A number of titles announced by Nine won’t even make it before the cameras.

Seven meanwhile has the George Michael-inspired drama Eli Stone from Greg Berlanti, Reaper with its pilot directed by Kevin Smith and Christian Slater’s My Own Worst Enemy -it premieres October 13 in the US.

TEN has fulfilled its wish list better than its rivals. Most of its new shows, including Californication and Download, have slated airdates with the exception of Pussycat Dolls and The Informant telemovie starring William McInnes. Only 13 eps of Mike Kelley’s Swingtown have been produced, following declining ratings. Out of the Blue, the locally produced drama is chockful of much-needed Australian content, and bound to pad out the summer schedule.

Here’s a sample of the remaining list…

Eli Stone
Hot Property
Camp Rock
Holby Blue
Knight Rider (series)
My Own Worst Enemy
Super Skinny Me: The Race to Size Double Zero
Surgery Saved My Life

The Young Doctors (now 2009)
Pushing Daisies
Big Shots (cancelled)
Canterbury’s Law
Rock Rivals
The Waiting Room
Weddings (10 years on Special)
Extraordinary Animals
Heroes and Villains
The Irwin Family’s Australia Zoo
‘New Gameshow’ from National IQ Test producers
Amnesia (cancelled)
Jingles (cancelled)
Toasted and Roasted Specials
Here Come the Newlyweds
The Million Dollar Salon (cancelled)
The Chopping Block series 2

Unhitched (cancelled)
Swingtown (future uncertain)
The Informant
Friday Night Download
Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For The Next Doll
ARIA Awards
Out of the Blue

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  1. As much as I love 2.5 Men I’m missing Temptation and wish Nine would return it soon hopefully at 7pm. 2.5 Men can survive a rest and would probably benefit from it and it’s not like it’ll disappear altogether!

  2. I am so sick of all this ‘Two and a Half Men’ and really want ‘Temptation’ back.

    Any ideas on what slot Nine will air the whopping two months’ worth of episodes? Maybe 5:30 weekdays? Or over the summer?

  3. You forgot Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, which Nine *still* hasn’t shown, though they’ve been running ads for it “coming soon” on 9HD only.

    Pushing Daisies is too good a show to be dumped into the summer period. And shows get pulled off air for low ratings (in a “non ratings period”) in summer anyway – Big Bang Theory is a case in point.

    Meanwhile, though I haven’t seen news of it here, today’s Mx reported that Ten has abandoned plans to shunt 90210 to Fridays and has instead axed it entirely. Waiting for the post on that one, David, so I can say the “told you so” I’ve been hanging out to do 🙂

  4. I don’t see the point of just showing the lead-in movie to Knight Rider when the series hasn’t been scheduled yet. If they really cared about it’s ratings then they wouldn’t have scheduled it on a Saturday night.

    BTW, Canterbury’s Law has also been cancelled

  5. I was looking forward to The Young Doctors too being a fan of the original. But it’s better that Nine get it right rather then rush it. I can wait a few months! The rest is meh except for Pushing Daisies & Chuck which i might watch over summer. The Seven stuff in particular looks ordinary except maybe for the Christian Slater show.

  6. Answer: There all over the internet available to watch at anytime you want, welcome to 2008 brother! 🙂

    Hot Property
    Young Doctors
    ‘New Gameshow’ from National IQ Test producers
    The Irwin Family’s Australia Zoo
    The Chopping Block
    Friday Night Download\
    ARIA Awards

    Aren’t these the types of shows that Aussie audiences have been complaining about for the last year? To many of, not another, they should axe….. so why are we wondering where they are now?

  7. Promises,promises ??

    What further frustrates me, is the HYPE campaign that will come with these shows.
    “Must see” US Hit, Best Drama of the year…etc

    There are so many time slots where networks could just run these shows and see what the general public think – BUT instead they trot out repeats or Encore performances

    Makes you wonder WHO were the souls that bought this product in first place ?

  8. What is the logic, to try and save the shows for the best possible time, or what?

    Im guessing with pushing daises and chuck, just show first season over summer, then straight into season two? Well thats non ratings time, so that logic kind of fails if they want to show the shows in rating times. Unless they have no faith in them and won’t go into season 2 straight after.

    Its amazing the with amount of crap that is on channel 9, why they just wouldn’t show these. I don’t get the idea that certain times of the year more people will watch. If they had quality programing on, instead of hole in the wall, maybe they’d be doing better.

    All the shows on here I want to watch I have already seen months ago, i would love to watch the new episodes on Aussie TV, but I won’t wait so long.

  9. i watched the first 3 episodes of eli stone and gave it the flick. GM was good in it but the girfirend was so annoying and the off beatness of the show didnt work i thought like it did in ally mcbeal and pushing daises. Loretta Divine was great as she always is though. i will watch the rest on FTA though and save my downloading for something better like Bro and Sis and ER that just began this week.

  10. ELI STONE is a fantastic series … it deserves to be treated well by the Network and not shafted to late hours or HD!
    George Michael was surprisingly good in it!
    Don’t care much about the others …

  11. Not too many missing for TEN. Out of the Blue in Summer, ARIA’s October 19th, Californication next week, FN Download re-named Download 17th Oct. I’d also expect Unhitched in Summer given its short life span.

  12. Craig I doubt Seven would ever promise to fast-track its big three US imports (DH, B&S & Grey’s) for 2008 – these shows work best by airing in a row from February
    Most viewers of thse shows are unlikely to download the series and are probably more inclined to view the series on FTA

    Reaper will most surely become a summer series – whilst it attracted alot of fanfare, its fairly average ratings in the US (on The CW network) indicate that Seven wont have alot of luck with it

  13. The NRL 100 Years of Rugby League special is out now on DVD as a four-disc box set (I found about this when I was reading the Sydney Daily Telegraph). I recently bought one at JB Hi-Fi.

  14. Seven also promised to fast track Desperate, Grey’s and B&S but they would come until 09, and even though they are bring back Heroes and PB can they really call them fast tracked when Heroes will have aired 4 eps in the US and PB 7 eps!

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