WIN launches ACA in Perth

WIN Television has announced the local Perth edition of A Current Affair will launch tonight on STW9.

Hosted by Louise Momber, the Perth edition is part of WIN’s push to compete with a local edition of Today Tonight. An Adelaide-produced ACA with Kate Collins will follow soon.

This leaves Tracy Grimshaw as an “east coast” host in the same way as Matt White serves on Seven’s TT. ACA‘s Perth edition will comprise a mix of local and national stories.

WIN’s Managing Director David Butorac says, “We are very proud to be investing in the launch of local versions of A Current Affair. This underlines the significant commitment WIN Corporation has to the growth of services in all of its group and related companies.”

TV Tonight encourages Perth viewers to tell the rest of the country your thoughts on the first episode!

Perth ACA website.

Press Release:
WIN Corporation Managing Director, David Butorac, today announced Channel Nine Perth will launch Perth’s local A Current Affair tonight, Monday, 20 October 2008. Channel Nine Adelaide will follow, also launching their local edition in the near future.

WIN is dedicated to delivering high quality local current affair programs that will meet viewer needs in both the Adelaide and Perth markets. The initiative leverages from WIN’s extensive experience in local production and significant capital investment.

Mr Butorac says: “We are very proud to be investing in the launch of local versions of A Current Affair. This underlines the significant commitment WIN Corporation has to the growth of services in all of its group and related companies.”

Two dedicated teams of journalists, producers and camera-operators have been hand-picked and will work closely with the national A Current Affair team to provide extensive coverage on the stories specific to Perth and Adelaide combined with national stories on the people and issues that affect all Australians.

In Perth, Louise Momber will present the fresh alternative to current affairs, alongside the newly appointed Executive Producer, Juliet Wills, Special Investigators, Michael Southwell and Peter Van Onselen, and journalist Jolleh Abshar.

In Adelaide, Channel Nine has appointed Kate Collins as host, Lesley Johns as Executive Producer; Senior Reporter Chris Kenny and camera-operator, Brenton Dean, to join their team of skilled journalists, editors and studio-crew.

A Current Affair will follow Nine’s weekday national news service at 6.30pm, providing Adelaide and Perth viewers an hour of locally produced news and current affairs – 90 minutes for WIN’s regional Western Australia viewers, who also receive the local and WIN produced WIN News.


  1. Muralidaran Ramesh Somassunderam

    I am very impressed with Louise, as she has a lovely voice and a beautiful face and most importantly comes across as a genuine lady with high integrity. I suppose that is the key.
    I suppose the face is the index of one’s mind and based on this, I give Louise very high marks.
    I wish her and team all the very best.
    kind regards,

  2. Adelaides first attemt last night – boring as hell. We see enough of Mike Rann and the water issues in the news, don’t want it shoved down our throats in ACA. Bring back Tracey.

  3. Doug from Perth

    I tried really hard to watch but had to keep leaving the room it was so pitiful.

    It was novel to see WA towns mentioned but the stories could have been from any State because they weren’t ‘current affairs’, just tabloid.
    OMG a family involved in a religious cult has mysteriously left a country town without warning??
    OMG a bikie gang from another State might take control over WA??

    …..Give us a break.

  4. Well so far, we’ve had a blind soldier, a bikies story and now a wacky cult story. Nothing’s changed, still as trashy as ever.

    Production standards are slightly better than the ghetto news here, which wouldn’t be hard. Definitely not HD, which I’m pretty sure was promised.

    Louise Momber isn’t really better or worse than any other public affairs host, with the robotic mannerisms and the faux concern at the end of each story.

  5. I’m halfway through watching it at time of writing. Louise is incredibly awkward in front of the camera – it’s got the overall feel of a high-end Channel 31 production. Hmmmm….

  6. Just started the ep here in Perth….. not that well done. No music or slightly quiet at the beginning…. and the presenter is boring I must admit, or just her voice…. 2nd story playing now and it’s still her telling the story…. ok well it sounds like her…. and the stories aren’t very… exciting… and nor am I turning over the TT… bleh!

    Now where can I watch the East coasts ACA?!

    /// a t t

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