Writer’s opportunity on CSI

Having already offered a Victorian writer the chance to work alongside the writing team of NCIS, Film Victoria is now offering an opportunity on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

The International Fellowship is a 12 week opportunity for a writer to shadow key CSI writing staff. The lucky recipient will be granted confidential access to breaking stories in the CSI writer’s room, reading outlines/drafts and then following a writer through the production and post-production process.

The stint is from January to March, 2009 in Los Angeles, with up to $25,000 funding available. Following the Fellowship the writer is expected to pool their knowledge and experience back into the Victorian industry.

Be warned, it’s a competitive field vying for this opportunity.

David Hannam is the recipient of the first International Fellowship. He will shadow ex-pat Victorian writer Shane Brennan on NCIS. Hannam has more than 14 years industry experience on Neighbours, All Saints and Stingers as a writer, script editor and story producer.

Victorians can apply for the CSI opportunity until October 27 at Film Victoria.


  1. Richard, I’ve never met an Aussie writer who wouldn’t give of their time and advice to emerging writers, producers and directors the same. Networks are a different story.

    But you can’t expect anyone to hand opportunity to you on a silver platter, and you have to connect with them in a way that isn’t just sending off something unsolicited. Our success stories all got somewhere through persistence and being pro-active.

    Indeed FilmVic funding for local secondments requires applicants to arrange a relationship with a producer for themselves before applying for a grant. It’s not a matchmaker service. With this in mind you should be checking the website for NSW FTO to see exactly what they offer…

  2. oh that’s what it’s for I understand now. Good job they are going to use shows like csi and such. Yes aussie dramas have been rubbish but only because the same writers are used show after show. New younger writers with new ideas for shows are needed here but that won’t happen the industry is too closed.

  3. I think if I had been writing for 14 years I’d be pretty dark on the chance going to someone who hasn’t proven themselves.

    It’s not about learning how to write at all. The Fellowship is for a writer to see how US dramas are formed and to bring that insight back and impart to our industry.

    Film Vic already provides opportunities for emerging professionals (whether they are writers or other creatives) to have secondments on local productions. The info is here.

  4. what about new writers they can be trained in the csi way? why give it to people who are already making money and are IN the(crowd) industry? stinks like favoritism to me! 14 years in the industry you think he would know how to write, edit, and all the other things an experienced writer should know.

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