24 about to have its Redemption

Channel Seven has confirmed to TV Tonight, 24: Redemption will air in the first week of summer, in the week beginning November 30th.

The two hour telemovie airs in the US on November 23rd, as part of a link to the next season in the US to premiere in January on FOX.

And there are other Seven shows set to continue through summer.

“The week after Prison Break returns on November 26th it will play twice a week at 10:30pm,” says Seven’s Head of Scheduling and Acquisitions, Angus Ross, “to play out the remaining eps in a timely fashion for fans during summer.

“All of Seven’s current serialised shows – Heroes, Prison Break and The Amazing Race will play out to their natural US conclusions over summer.”

Seven says its full summer line-up has a host of first-run programming.

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  1. party due to mistreatment by Seven, party due to a sci-fi element that Aussies don’t seem to warm to, and party due to tiresome plots and storylines “24” “Prison Break” and “Heroes” are all shows that should now move to primetime at 8.30 or 9.30 on Seven’s new digital in the new year.

    10.30pm should be devoted to a high energy newscast

  2. Craig, i was on one of the most frequent visited Prison Break sites yesterday, and they had a news artical about when Prison Break is going on their Xmas break… i think the break starts at around December 22nd… and its not yet clear when Fox is returning it to air next year with the remaining and possible last episodes of season 4.

  3. looks like they learnt their lesson from last year with heroes and prison break- what a debacle. and it killed their ratings for what were two huge shows. i’ll definately be watching.

  4. The Palin doco series is a natural fit with the ABC, of course – and if Seven thought that Palin still = Python they were of course mistaken – but one advantage to it being on Seven was that it could be seen in full high definition – and it looked amazing.

    I too am hoping it’ll be back. If I recall, they only screened 3 of the 7 episodes.

  5. Great quotes Seven.

    “timely fashion” and “host of first-run programming.”
    Go figure.

    Why wasn’t it shown during ear instead of tripe like Out of question and anthing hosted by ANdrew O’keefe.

    I firmly believe that if real people were monitored instead of select few, rating during summer would be head turner.

  6. Currently it’s unclear whether Heroes or Prison Break will stop over the US winter break, but normally they end at about the same time as here at the end of the month. Like here it depends if the show has more eps for the new year and it’s current standing. Heroes is only a couple of eps behind now but PB is has more to go into the new year here.

  7. Good to hear that most of the fastracked shows won’t stop for summer. Can’t wait to hear about the rest of their plans for summer – hopefully all the other shows they’ve taken off this year will finally air.

  8. knoxoverstreet:

    The Palin Eastern Europe doco should have been on ABC or SBS. I don’t know why Seven bought it in the first place. The quality of this show was too good for Seven’s tabloid style programming. Buy the DVDs instead.

  9. “Seven says its full summer line-up has a host of first-run programming”

    When you only show factuals that rate and leave everything that’s quality on the shelf that’s no surprise.

    I’m really hoping they bring back the Palin doco which was first rate tv but like everything else that’s quality on 7 it got the axe.

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