A plea from Mumbai

Live telly sometimes produces awkward moments, as happened on Sunrise during a live phone conversation with an Australian in Mumbai.

Live telly sometimes produces awkward moments, as happened yesterday on Sunrise during a live to air telephone conversation with an Australian, Steve Smith, who was in hiding in the back of the Taj Mahal Hotel, isolated and awaiting news of a rescue.

Smith had been in a restaurant that had two hand grenades and open fire for ten minutes from AK47s. During questions live to air from David Koch about the gravity of the situation, Smith interjected.

“I hate to put you guys on the spot. But the reason someone rang you guys to ring me was because…what I wanted, I don’t have a weapon, ok?

“I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t have access to a television or anything. I’d like someone to tell me what’s going on, so that I can make a plan to get out of here with these guys, ok?

“I can’t drive, I’m about a block from the harbour. My plan is to go.”

Kochie and Mel were clearly concerned -or should that be thrown- by the man’s plea. Especially when they thought he was there to give an eyewitness interview as an Australian on the spot.

As Kochie quickly switched from interviewer to trouble-shooter, he advised he would hand the call back to a producer to put him in touch with the Department of Foreign Affairs.

“We’ll sort it out off air, so that he’s safe,” Mel added over Kochie’s explanation.

“Obviously this is something that is better handled off air, urgently.”


Source: Sunrise

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  1. It’s a little buried and hard to find… currently on the second page of their videos section called “Call from Mumbai terror”.

    That’s pretty sloppy producing to not inform Steve that he is actually only doing a glorified interview, when all this poor guy was after was information so he could get himself to safety. Talk about putting someones life in jeopardy just to get an eyewitness account…

    You can see it on everyones face… oh shit, what have we done?

  2. I’m surprised that Mel didn’t launch into a story about how, now that she’s a mum, she would handle this situation in a brilliant fashion, with Kochie putting in his two cents about how fiscally poor Mr smith could use his finances to escape the situation.

    I’m over these two muppets, time for a change Seven!

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