ABC unveils 2009 trump cards

The Chaser’s War on Everything is back in 2009. The ABC has announced 10 episodes for the bad boys of comedy, after a year off air. No doubt ther comedy team are realising without Anna Coren and John Howard around it will have far more material to play with.

The ABC has announced the return of the show as part of its 2009 line-up, beating TEN’s 2009 launch to the punch.

Also next year, Andrew Denton will produce Project Next in which “original thinkers, movers, mischief-makers and cage-rattlers” will be enticed into a room “to create an irreverent program about serious things”.

Crime writers John Silvester and Andrew Rule, whose Leadbelly book lead to Underbelly, will visit police corruption in Drugs, Death and Betrayal. Naughty boy John Safran, who started with the ABC in Race Around the World returns for John Safran’s Race Relations.

Jonathan Welch also returns to the ABC to work with female prisoners for Prison Sings. Welch will try to build a choir out of a varied group of prisoners and help them prepare for life on the outside. He will just a few months to prepare the inmates for a Christmas concert.

There are second seasons of East of Everything, Bed of Roses and The Librarians. New dramas include John Wood in The Cut and the mining drama Dirt Game. The telemovie Three Acts of Murder is based on the case of a serial killer who copied a “perfect murder” he read about in a novel by Bony creator Arthur Upfield, filmed in Western Australia.

The ABC is also pushing forward with kids channel ABC3 and a news channel ABC4, but requires additional funding from the government in 2009.

Source: The Age, Herald Sun


  1. Richo, I’m pretty sure when they say War on Everything is coming back, they mean that’s coming back.

    Go ABC! Not bad shows, Project Next and Dirt Game seem inticing!

  2. I loved The Librarians and wish it was coming back this year. Apart from the fact that it actually made me laugh out loud, most of the characters are gold, in particular Robyn Butler’s Frances.

    I don’t mind Chaser but it’s not as funny as some people deem it to be.

  3. New Chaser’s show!! w00t!

    Will it be like War on Everything? Or will it be something new?

    And why only 10 eps?? 2 years ago they had like 26 eps to a season. They should go back to that

  4. The Chaser got old. They jumped the shark with the APEC stunt. Hopefully they have freshened up during the year off. The Librarians was dreadful so I am very surprised this show is coming back…hopefully this time with laughs.

  5. No, I’m sorry, everything on this page is now tainted by the horrifying news of a second series of The Librarians. Why doesn’t the ABC just set fire to a large pile of money in the carpark at Rippon Lea? That would be more entertaining, and more people would probably watch it…

  6. good news about Chaser, suprised they are going with ABC News & CABC, ABC 3 & ABC 4 are to generic for channels with such a specific audience and program style

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