Airdate: Forbes 20 Under 25: Young Rich and Famous

Some will say it’s the power of the web. Others will say it’s just another network amendment. Either way, Channel TEN is no longer screening the American version of Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

At least not on November 20th it isn’t. Any further than that and we’ll just have to wait and see.

When TV Tonight ran the news just three days ago, it wasn’t in very complimentary terms. Readers agreed that the idea to follow the Rove-hosted series with the American version was a baffling choice.

Maybe Programmers heard and reacted, who knows?

Instead it will screen Forbes 20 Under 25: Young, Rich and Famous at 7:30pm on Thursday November 20th. The 2007 Forbes Under 25 list put NBA player LeBron James ahead of NFL’s Reggie Bush, Maria Sharapova and golfer Michelle Wie. Others included the Olsen sisters, Daniel Radcliffe and Miley Cyrus.

We’ll have to wait and see if the Jeff Foxworthy-edition of Fifth Grader surfaces elsewhere.

A few months ago when TEN dropped Burn Notice, fan sites were flooded with complaints, leading to a network backflip the same day.

Keep venting your opinions guys, it may slowly be having some effect!


  1. Nice to see a change of heart from Ten. Be even better if they came out honestly and said “Why they changed mind” who/what/why influenced them ?

    Or is it case of Ten found that one word carries so much meaning. That word is -Commonsense.

    P.S. Special note to Ten’s programming division or any other network.
    I am sure if you asked nicely, most if not all the folks here, would give you honest opinion (not biased or compromised on allegiances) if you wanted to test waters or ask questions about ‘up and coming plans’

    Heck, I would even answer a survey for you – not that you would ever have the guts to ask me.

  2. @ Bindi – They probably wear the same clothes so viewers can familiarise & distinguish between the students each week, and possibly for consistency when the show is edited together.

    They record the show over a 2 week period if I’m not mistaken.

  3. wow yes they dropped fifth grader only to put on the young and the rich? great stuff ten you really have the finger on the pulse don’t you? I seem to remember suggesting you get some aussie talent in to write you some shows how about listening to that then? You can email me anytime!!!!!

  4. I don’t know if TEN do read it, that said the viewers are way smarter at programming TEN than the actual programmers, I’d love to be given a 6 month trial to try and improve the network, I really don’t think those that work there have a clue.

    Out of The blue is another baffling decision the network has made this year – whats the problem with 7pm? Seriously. It surely can’t do worse than the 550K W&G is currently doing…….may give you a glimmer of hope, but if you’re happy with a B-Grade network go ahead. Oh and you’ve developed a fine show in Rush but are killing it.

  5. Power to the people! 😀

    I doubt that this is the last we’ll see of the US version of 5th Grader (it’ll probably form part of Ten’s summer line-up).

    Though I think you’d agree that the alternative isn’t exactly Earth shattering either. 😛

  6. meh, i probably would have watched the american 5th grader, i haven’t ever seen any of it, has everyone else seen some and know it is really bad or something? i don’t know that i’ll watch this though, maybe if there is nothing else on and i’m bored. what is just freaking me out about the aussie 5th grader is that they have worn the same clothes the whole time, i can see how they would shoot multiple episodes in 1 day, but surely they can’t have shot the whole thing in 1 day, the kids would be exhausted and there are child labour laws, so that means they are wearing the same clothes on purpose, why?

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