Airdate: Life After People

Seven is to air a hypothetical, CGI documentary which looks at the future of our planet after mankind has vanished.

Life After People is said to be the most watched show ever aired on The History Channel (US) and will incorporate CGI to illustrate its points.

Seven says it has added Australian footage to the doco, with a decaying Sydney Harbour Bridge. It will be narrated by Simon Reeve.

It airs 7:30pm Thursday November 27th.

Press Release:
What would become of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the years after man vanished from earth?

With humans gone, could it be possible that Australia’s kangaroo evolves to take our place?

And what of our houses, offices, roads, rivers and everything else that makes up the world in which we live?

These questions and more are asked in the literally ground breaking documentary, Life After People, making its commercial TV debut on Channel Seven this month.

Based on the opinions of leading experts in the fields of engineering, botany, ecology, biology, geology, climatology and archaeology, Life After People asks the age old question: what happens to the world when we leave it behind?

With feature film style CGI graphics, viewers will see the likely fate of the earth, animals and plants post humans.

Life After People is the most watched show ever aired on The History Channel.

For this special presentation, Channel Seven has added additional Australian content.

Watch what could happen to Australia’s iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge if after years of neglect and environmental strain it gives way to the elements and bursts apart, vanishing forever into the harbour.

This will add to the remarkable CGI dramatisations of the speculated fates of Buckingham Palace, the Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge and much more.

As the experts contend, rivers could swell into green masses, islands disappear, animals evolve to encounter the newfound environment and evidence that humans ever existed could slowly but surely disintegrate.

Life After People isn’t about how humans depart the earth, but what would happen were we not on the planet.

What looks like science fiction could well be reality on earth, population zero.


  1. I’m sure this [speculative “what-if”] documentary was a rather awe-inspiring look into the world without our prescence… while the Sydney Harbour’s fate is mentioned in the main feature, looks like the rest of Australia’s monuments are only left to possibilities based on what just happened. Local footage, therefore, can be of great help to some of us!

    Like for example, we could figure out how the Eureka Tower might vanish from the Melburnian cityscape, but in a future without us, how long would the tower last? I guess whoever’s reading this is going to figure out exactly the same thing…

    Oh and for everyone who is dying to see how human beings are going to vanish off the face off the earth: assume that the worst has happened, but it’s nothing catastrophic – instead it’s quick and silent, without a trace.

    And sorry for this long comment, but overall, it’s safe to say that the show is a good one to watch, believe it or not!

  2. I am unsure about how best to describe this show but am sure how not to classify it, namely as a well thought, rational, logical or factual documentary. By no means was it a documentary which, by definition, cannot be dominated by fiction and that is all this fiasco was. It was a pathetic exercise in conjecture; it was flawed from its first second. Its premise of the sudden, unexplained disappearance of all people over a day (One day?) was ridiculous and stupid and yes, it does matter that it made no attempt to explain this disappearance because anything which would cause such an outcome could simply not be limited to Homo Sapiens and would have to be considered in any speculation. It would make as much sense to say people grew wings and flew away as to state that all people were killed in one single day in a manner that affected no other species or even buildings.

    It was a lazy, worthless obviously dubbed over, ultra-sensationalist (note the use of emotive cliches like mastery, supremacy, dominance, under attack) piece of hype. The disappearance of humans may be a possible, even likely, eventuality, but it is far from inevitable.

  3. 200 Years? I’m sure the Sydney Harbour Bridge would last at least 500 years, as it is not exposed to frost like many other major cities. However, overall the programme was great.

  4. Well thats disappointing, knowing Seven they’ll cut 30 mins just to include ads.

    Still looking forward to watching it though. I like unusual documentaries like this.

  5. I just noticed ch7 has this listed 7.30-9.00 or 90 minutes (unless this is a mistake), the original was over 2 hours or 90 minutes without ads so how much are ch7 cutting out of this great show to fit in the ads?

    Can’t wait to record and compare the 2 versions.

  6. Another apocalyptic show scaring us to death with their CGI Doc Life After People. But on the other hand, a thing to learn what might happen and keeps us thinking more of it. Must be worth watching.

    But yeh, when it does come on Seven, I’ll watch it. A fleet of three Raiths more likely? Earth got over millions of people living on it now.

  7. Why do we have this need to voice-over perfectly good narrations with Aussie voices? Does it allow the network to include the show as part of their local content quota?

  8. a brilliant doco , saw this ages ago , thanks bittorrent , but well worth the watch ,
    yeah it doesnt explian why people dissapeared but then thats not what its about.
    hopefully chan 7 doesnt stuff it up with its own commentary {im sure they will}

  9. Tom, I would imagine the shots of a decaying Sydney would be to benefit the channel 7 promo dept, and will feature heavily on all advertising to give us the “it talks about us, so I’ll watch it” mentality… just like the local voice-over makes it feel like a show that we made for ourselves…

  10. I will watch.. well IQ and then fastforward watch to see the aussie content as i watched it on foxtel. It was an interesting show.

    GuanoLad, it’s not about why people vanish, just what would happen to our world. The show would be ridiculous and something entirely different if it went into something causing humans to vanish or a plague and people dying and whatever. It’s about our impact on the planet.

  11. I dont see why Seven need to modify it with one or two scenes of Sydney, it is not going to make more people watch. They should so the original with same voice over. This was a very good doco, like others I saw it on History Channel on Foxtel earlier in the year.

  12. I remember the Aussie history channel advertised that this dock was on, but I gave a habit of only planning my life around shows on free to air for some reason so second chance to see it on Seven is fantastic!

  13. I remember reading about this and thinking wow.

    Excellent pick up by Seven and will be watching for sure. The only downside is Simon Reeve narrating but it looks fascinating nonetheless.

  14. They say at the start it’s not about why we vanish it’s about what would happen to that world with out us. In reality the human race will not vanish over night, it will take 1000s of years baring an event to cause it and in that case the event may cause much more destruction in the short term than the environment does over 100s of years. Who knows maybe the Raith came and picked off just the humans using there beam up technology 😆

    But again that was not the point of the show.

  15. I don’t think I have missed the point. It was an interesting programme, but it had glaring holes in its logic, which, for what is ostensibly a science-based show, is a significant lack.

    Unless the point was pretty CGI and visual effects, in which case it was almost good.

  16. They never explain why the humans left. If they went voluntarily, they’d surely take their pets. If they died, surely they’d cause disease which would affect the animals. But no, they just “vanished” so that is never addressed.

    It did seem to emphasise the destruction of buildings and landmarks as though it was a tragedy; but with no humans around, who would care?

  17. I saw (and recorded) the one on the History Channel back in May and it was great. The CGI work is fantastic and the evolution of what could happen is done well, you never really think what could happen without people. It will be good to see more local footage.

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