Airdate: Modern Toss

The offbeat comedy series from the UK, Modern Toss will premiere on ABC2 at 7:30pm Thursday November 27th.

Based on series of cartoons aimed at adults, the Channel 4 series has a mix of animation and live action with lashings of profanity and adult concepts. The animation style is spartan, low-grade and subversive. Much of the satire is of mundane suburban life.

Regular characters and sketches include Drive-By Abuser, Illegal Alphabet, Mr Tourette – Master Signwriter, Sneezeman, and Fly Talk. Warning: language.

Press Release:
Modern Toss is a British series of cartoon books aimed at adults. Created by cartoonists Mick Bunnage and Jon Link, the sketches were a television series by Channel 4. The cartoons feature offensive language, violence and satire of mundane life. This contemporary cartoon sketch show features live-action animation hybrids and introduces a host of maladjusted characters including Mr. Tourette, a fearless master sign writer, the socially-inept Alan, two delinquent astronauts who delight in tormenting one another; a troupe of five foot tall human letters that spell foul words on the side of hills and then get arrested; and a bionic mosquito capable of sucking a dinosaur dry!


  1. A promo on ABC2 this morning (Yes I’m watching ABC News Breakfast) said that this program was going to screen at 9:30 pm on Thursdays. If that is the case, what’s happening to “Review with Myles Barlow” and “The Graham Norton Show”?

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