Airdate: This is Your Laugh

* Updated.

Andrew O’Keefe’s newest venture This is Your Laugh is about to have its premiere on the 7HD Channel.

O’Keefe, who has been recording a number of editions of the quirky Tonight-style show, will see his show go to air on Sunday November 30th* at the moderately-early time of 8:30pm.

TV Tonight hears from several who have attended recordings that the show is quite a crowd pleaser.

Not just a chat-show, it features a small troupe of actors who improvise some of the anecdotes as told by the guests. At least its a fresh take on a familiar genre.

The last time Seven tried anything serious on its HD Channel was the short-lived Night Cap show with Matthew White, Jessica Rowe and Monique Wright earlier this year.


  1. I seriously considered calling the network while this show was on the air to express how much I truly and honestly disliked the show! lol

    Please tell me why the Seven Network would consider this show any better than allowing us to watch the rest of the American Kath & Kim series? I would have to say K&K:USA is an award winning show by comparison to this long awaited disappointment from Andrew O’Keefe. A rip-off hybrid of Thank God You’re Here and Enough Rope with Andrew Denton, it fails on all levels.

    I can’t say if think Night Cap or Out of the Question are any better, maybe all three are equally bad for me.

    I’m so embarrassed for getting a few people onto High Definition TV, I used the knowledge of this upcoming show as one of many selling points along with the programming available on TEN HD which from next year wont exist and will instead be ONE HD the sports channel, a channel I’ll likely have my Set Top Box just skip past. Fail!

  2. I’ve been to a taping of this show, and it’s a pretty entertaining format. If Seven put a few more resources into it it could be a hit on their regular channel. O’Keefe is terrific talent, and the improvisors many of whom people will recognise from TGYH and other various sketch comedy shows are excellent. It’s like Enough Rope with TGYH.
    I can understand the cynicism for O’keefe, however Seven have never really used him as well as they could. This is getting closer to where Andrew is at his best.

  3. Wow.. up against Rove! That is competition.

    Unfortunately I don’t think it should be put against another chat show, I don’t see it going too well.

    Maybe they should slot it in at 1030 Wednesdays after the other Aussie comedy shows (on ABC and SBS).

    The format reminds me a bit of the last comedy show O’Keefe was in, the short lived Hamish and Andy which combined sketches and talk. Hopefully it doesn’t end up the same way.

  4. The government’s view on HD differs to networks. In this case it’s about allowing a show to find its feet without the pressure of having to deliver against competition. If it works it could move to SD.

  5. Okay, Im confused here… I thought the idea of the additional programming on the HD channel was to encourage people to switch over to digital TV – preferably HD rather than the SD digital channel.

    So is this the kind of program that is going to get people racing out to get a HD set top box !!! To quote channel 10 “I don’t think so…”

  6. I will definitely be watching. I agree with Mike Beckham. They should give it a 10.30pm timeslot on Seven’s main channel just to see how it goes. It couldn’t do much worse than Out Of The Question.

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