Airdate: What Really Happened to Michael Jackson?

Last night’sAustralian Idol “Jackson Tribute” produced 5 songs by Michael, including Teale copying the “Billie Jean” arrangement by American Idol‘s 2007 winner David Cook. Nobody seemed interested in acknowledging this…

In the group number, it was surprising we didn’t get the signature tune “Can You Feel It?” given it was the season theme tease.

Meanwhile Jermaine Jackson, who had told media the family was reforming for a tour (since denied by Michael), heaped praise on the singers.

In a Jackson-heavy week, one wonders if he would be quite so gushing of a controversial documentary What Really Happened to Michael Jackson?

Airing on ABC2 this Wednesday night, this is a very forward look at Jacko’s fall from grace, purporting that “Wacko” Jacko was a celebrity concoction by Jackson for media attention.

Most of the warts-and-all doco concerns itself with issues of child molestation, leading viewers through courtcases, claims and accusations. If the points raised are true, it’s damning stuff.

It airs 8:30pm Wednesday on ABC2.

Press Release:
After Michael Jackson was acquitted of child molestation, instead of returning to his home in Neverland, he disappeared, wandering the globe. Jacques Peretti wanted to find out why, and in so doing, learn what really drove Michael Jackson to such self-destruction.

From the alleged cruelty that Jackson suffered at the hands of his father, to the rumours that whirled around the mystique of ‘Wacko Jacko’, Jaques finds that all was not as it seemed in the fairytale world inhabited by Jackson.

Peretti’s journey starts in Las Vegas, where he finds a Jackson memorabilia auction in the back room of a casino. Previously valued in excess of $5 million, today over 2000 lots are provoking little interest. Determined to find out why, Peretti tracks down the people inside the Jackson story who have never agreed to talk on camera before. They speak frankly about the details of the darkest moments in Jackson’s life.

As Jackson’s manager for nearly two decades, Bob Jones saw everything first hand. He explains how he worked to build Jackson’s legacy, including devising the ‘King of Pop’ moniker, through to Jackson’s darker days, when he saw his boss’s behaviour drawing increasingly adverse attention.

What emerges is a story radically different from the one the public know, a picture darker, more complex, and more morally ambiguous than anyone could have imagined.


  1. One person try to claim that teale had never heard that version, yet miraculous how it was 100% verbatim. and yet all cornell or cook, which cornell did a live accoustic version which sounds a tad different to cooks who took it and ran with it, Teale only passed it off as his own until he knew he was safe from voting, but mind you, the producers said nothing, and you know what, I don’t think I would either, if he wants to claim it has his own, that’s his cross to bare, and shows who he really is.

  2. This will be interesting … but how much of it will be fabrication???
    The best thing Michael could do right now is to be part of the Jackson Reunion tour … it will make him look at least somewhat normal to be in a “family” situation …
    Will Latoya be in the tour???? I still think she is Michael in drag!!! 🙂

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