All-male fight for Idol crown

Australian Idol lost its last female contender tonight as Chrislyn Hamilton was voted off the show.

17yo Hamilton went out in style showing sportsmanship and good humour, singing up a storm with “Get Ready.” She hugged the remaining contestants and kissed the judging panel while singing her swansong, even managing a boogie with Kyle Sandilands. It contrasted with other younger performers who had left the reality series in tears.

Hamilton’s exit leaves Idol for the first time with 4 males competing for the title: Wes, Luke and tonight’s other “bottom two”, Teale and Mark. Next Sunday Chris Isaak will be guest judge for a night of American hits.

Tonight’s verdict show included a live performance by P!nk.

Ironically over on Seven, there are three males dancing it out for the Dancing with the Stars title too.

Also good to see TEN’s Idol site allows for embedding of clips, something TV Tonight has long encouraged for social networking (other networks take note!). With that in mind here is the embedded finale number from Chrislyn.


  1. This year has been the worst for Idol yet. The top 12 haven’t been very good with people I don’t like highly out-weighing the ones I do. The ones I thought would last longer like Rashani, Madame and Tom were voted out (although I didn’t like the latter two). I was sure Chrislyn would be there longer but the best of them all, Than, was voted out way way too early. He really should’ve won.

    It’s a shame to see Chrislyn go. I don’t know what the hell Spano is still doing there. There’s always that one person they make a huge deal out of like they’re perfect when they’re horrible.

  2. It was interesting that they had Andy G and James wear the same clothes for the P!nk segment as they did during Monday night’s show, yet they didn’t ensure that they edited out the crowd shots during P!nk’s performance that showed Marcia wearing a completely different coloured outfit to the one she wore during the rest of the show!

  3. I still enjoy Idol and personally think that the Top 4 are pretty right. Chrislyn and Roshani’s pitch problems became too much for me. I like the fact that Teale and Luke are genuine “new kids” on the performing block. They have both come a long way since the start of the competition and are willing to listen and learn. I don’t think either of them necessarily see themselves as possible winners but are getting what they can from the experience. While Mark and Wes are both seasoned performers, Wes is far more versatile and is multi-talented – works the stage well, studio audience and the camera. He gives 100% to every performance and despite obvious pre-performance nerves, comes up with the goods consitently each week. I’m afraid Mark has failed to deliver some weeks and while he seems like a genuine sort of bloke, he still seems like a pub singer to me.

    Haven’t voted yet but will vote for Wes when I need to.

  4. In previous years there’s been some contestants at this stage of the game that are still interesting. This year, there are none. The talent is not there, the show is utterly dull and devoid of emotion, and all the actually talented contestants were voted out months ago by a public that goes gaga over Wes Carr doing a bad Michael Jackson impersonation.

    Sunday Idol is a 10-minute PVR view for me lately. Monday Idol is a read-the-result-on-Whirlpool thing.

    The heart’s completely gone from it. And yes, it did have one.

  5. I made the call on Sunday Night who would be in the Bottom Three, Bottom Two & Elimination. Australia agreed with me on this one.

    Last Night, James made refrence to the fact for the first time ever it was an all Male ending this year, which is something i made refrence to on Sunday Night.

    And he also called it a ‘Sausage-Fest’ muhahahhahah! he might get in trouble for that one! >:P

  6. Pink’s performance was great, I’m sure it will boost tonights ratings, but as much as they want us to believe it was LIVE it wasn’t. It was recorded when she was over here for the Aria Awards, she’s not even in Australia at the moment, how gullible fo they think we are.

  7. yeah chrislyn was better than any of the others left except wez!! teal is a loser who sounds like crap week in week out! i hope he goes next week!! now we know wez will be the winner, i would have said chrislyn before, because she knows how to entertain without looking stupid

  8. I was so disappointed seeing Chrislyn go. She shouldve stayed and her performance of ‘Get Ready’ showed exactly why. As if Teale or Luke can do that!

  9. I’m pretty sure half of the final four suck. Wes is a standout- he hasn’t put a foot wrong in my opinion. Teal’s voice is to ‘wussy’ and sounds the same week after week. Stupid girls voting with their eyes and not their ears. Mark Spano has a pretty good rock voice but is disappointing at most other things. And then Luke: I’m just really sick of his gravely performances that again, all sound the same. He has absolutely no variety and i could see his album being a bunch of songs that all sound exactly the same. There’s only one Idol left on Idol..

  10. make me a supermodel might be heading in the same direction

    there are 3 guys left and 2 girls – one of them (courtney) is the favorite to leave this week.

    then again shanina might be in it till the end. it would be disappointing if it was an all guy final for a model competition.

  11. Phillip Hollins

    ok i have to say.
    thats probably the worst eviction show i have ever seen.
    i only watched it for pink. and that was fantastic. but the rest of it was just utter crap.
    missing queue’s. sound problems, blocking conversation, lame jokes. the audience not laughing.
    Idol. i think it’s time to end.

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