Another Simpsons character out of the closet

Move over Patty Bouvier, and Waylon Smithers, you’re not the only gays in the Springfield village.

This week’s episode of The Simpsons in the US has outed another of its occasional characters.

In the storyline, Homer Simpson started another business, “Sweet Conclusions”, where he offered to handle relationship breakups for other people. It gave the show an opportunity to bring back Homer’s gay ex-roommates, Grady and Julio.

When Grady calls Homer to book his breakup services, he mentions that he’s dating someone new just as Duff Man steps out of the shower and playfully snaps his towel at Grady.

That’s gonna be interesting to see given Homer is such a die-hard Duff drinker. Unlike the meek, doll-loving Smithers, and the aggressive Patty, Duff Man is the epitome of the macho male on the series.

The episode also outed Homer’s co-worker Lenny as straight. The episode declared that Lenny had a girlfriend, Doreen. But does it last?

Meanwhile, Battlestar Galactica is also preparing to out one of its characters, via a webisode series. “The Face Of The Enemy,” which runs online before the second part of season 4, will reveal that Felix Gaeta and L. Hoshi are in a same-sex relationship.

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  1. But aren’t there multiple Duff.. men? To take a quote:

    “Duffman don’t doesn’t come out of the closet, only the actor who plays him. Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhh!”

  2. Duff Man’s outing is pleasingly ironic, what with the macho posturing and all. Not sure what Duff Girl and Duff Lad think of it though.

    As for Gaeta, duh!

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