Auditions: Bogans wanted

A classified ad declaring “Bogans Wanted For New TV Show” is part of a search for Australia’s biggest bogan by Paul Fenech.

Fenech, who is behind Pizza and Swift and Shift Couriers on SBS, is seeking applicants with “tattoos, missing teeth and true blue in King Gees” to win big cash prizes.

“I want to put flannelette on plasma. We want mullets, tattoos, AVOs and defactos. It will be like Bogan Idol,”he told

He said his new show for early next year would be something like a cross between “Cops, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Steve Irwin and Australia’s Funniest Home Videos.”

Fenech laughed he thought the show might take a State of Origin type format in running the “bogan Olympics” but would not divulge more for fear that Channel 9 might do a “hokey” rip-off, probably hosted by Eddie McGuire.

Prizes would beyond the “wildest Centrelink cheques” for the show’s winners and may include a makeover to turn a bogan into something more socially acceptable.

To apply send a pic and details to [email protected]

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  1. Paul Fenech’s shows are what you get when you’ve digested far too many Troma films, yet haven’t worked out what makes them funny. I will at least admit that Swift and Shift Couriers has something resembling professional camerawork, unlike Pizza.

  2. Ha ha this program sounds great! Cant wait for the Bogan idol! Great idea Pauly! Fully sick!!! What are the details to send in a contestant?! At our workplace we have the ideal Australian Bogan!!!!

  3. sounds like a great show,im from penriff and bogan pride is lacking at the moment.i do my part by wearing my thongs,camo pants,wife beater and flanno all the time.unfortunatelyi just ad all my broken teeth fixed on compo

  4. “something like a cross between Cops, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Steve Irwin and Australia’s Funniest Home Videos.”

    That’s a pretty bold claim.

    I suppose if, and it most likely will be, programmed on SBS it could succeed.

    SBS seem to be capitalising on the “Bogan-Craze”, if there ever was one

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