Auditions: Missing Pieces

Channel Nine is on the hunt for participants in a new television show that reunites people.

It was, after all, David Gyngell who said “blue sky TV” was all the rage lately.

Missing Pieces reckons it wants “people who have become separated from someone they care about, or someone who had a major impact on your life no matter how long ago.”

Nine’s website says, “Maybe we can help reunite you with someone special.”

Seven has had a big hit with Find my Family, though of course the reuniting of loved ones harks back to the 1960s when it was a feature of daytime variety shows.

If you want to check out more you can apply here.


  1. For all enquiries relating to this show please contact the Nine Network, not this blog.

    Please note no further enquiries for reunions will be published here.

  2. harley lyson

    hi my name is harley im 15 and im trying ti find my father his name is gary he left my mum when i was born i have no idea where he is i would love to see him ive asked all my family members if they have seen him but no one has please help find my father please

  3. It’s great to have on TV your show and to think you have made it possible for famlies to be re-united… I made contact with my youngest brothers son in England and it was so emotional to know he wanted to respond to my details on Facebook.. I sent a message asking every young man with his name was his fathers name .. The answer came back why do you want to know..He was very funny about me asking until I sent photos of him as a young toddler and when he showed his Mum ….his Mum’s reply was that is your Dad’s sister. We have been corresponding now for about 4 to 6 months and he is celebrating his 18th Birthday on Tuesday 12th May.. He will receive a parcel from us on his Birthday and in it will be some details of his Dad..Who he is looking for.. I lost track of my brother 15 years ago… I went to England about 5 years ago…. I found out with saying “no to him “my Brother was beten up and told to leave town …I am not sure if he is alive or dead.. But for his sons sake I would like your help to maybe try and find my Brother..I write letters to my brother on his birthday and when I think of him on different occaions …knowing that he will one day read them…Finding his son has helped with the lost of my brother not speaking to his brother and sisters…Sandie

  4. Kayla Michaelides

    Hi i am looking for my brother Luke Saville. No idea where he is but he took his mothers name but he would really be Luke Michaelides i think he would be around 27

    Please help

  5. Channel 9 is the best.I would like help to try find my family,my dad was adopted and I don’t have any contact with him.

  6. hi i am looking to find me nephew i havent seen in about 15 years his name is Kyle Shane White and he is about 20years old now. thank you kind regards ian white

  7. Sharon Christie

    I have to say I thoroughly enjoy your show as I watch all shows that reunite families with there loved ones. I have a friend who has been missing since 7th February, 1988 and has become a cold case, so these shows touch my heart. Watching this show and Finding My Family and always watching Missing Person Unit has always been a ritual part in my television watching. I always hope that one day I can be reunited with my friend who I still have letters from when we were a young age at school and with her 40th birthday next March mine this year, I hope still to this day I can see her beautiful face again.


  8. Pam…..I dont know if you have ever lost a love one or come from a broken family you have every right to have your say no one will dispute that but making the assumption that it is all” crocodile tears” and the people are “gooses” is very unkind. Shows like these offer the people a way to find each other after they have exhusted every other avenue and while you may find it unreal I suggest you change the channel then you wont have to worry about it.!!

  9. All you drongos deserve what you get if you can tolerate anything the commercial networks push out.. there’s nothing new in the world and certainly nothing new on TV.

    Australia once celebrated 50 years of TV… it wasn’t 50 years of TV but one year of TV 50 times over.

    Broadcast is a dead duck.. it just doesn’t know it as yet.