Axed: The Strip

Nine has ‘axed’ The Strip, at least not renewed it for a second season, depending on how you want to word it…

The $7.8m Gold Coast crime series will not be proceeding when it ends its first series run.

“The 13 part mini-series comes to a conclusion at the end of the month,” a Nine spokesperson said.

“We are disappointed the show didn’t sustain the audience it attracted in its premiere week.

“It’s an unfortunate outcome in this highly competitive environment.”

The drama, starring Aaron Jeffery, Vanessa Gray and Frank Holden premiered to 1.45m viewers but slipped under the 900,000 mark. This week it was moved to 10:30pm where it only took 430,000 viewers.

It is the second new drama to fail for Nine this year with Canal Road failing to fire (or even be completed on air). McLeod’s Daughters also struggled in its final season but will return for summer.

Thankfully, Nine has had better luck with Underbelly and Sea Patrol both proceeding with new series in 2009.

Fans of The Strip will get to see it complete its on-air run.

Source: Herald Sun


  1. I agree John, but I think they have moved on to rescue special ops. It was an awesome show.

    Me and my cousins are making a parody of it, though it will also parody NCIS. It’s called The Trip 🙂 hehehe. We may or may not release it on the net. Its gonna be filmed at the Sunshine Coast, and parts of the Gold Coast (where The Strip was filmed). Yay!!!!

  2. The Strip was the greatest show that ive seen on Channel nine.i think it was a big mistake to only make a first series now we are left in suspense as to what may happen next i think it was a great storyline and set in a perfect location i really hope the people at channel nine reconsider because i really think it was a massive mistake taking it off our televisions

  3. Sorry, but any show with Frankie. J. Holden that attempts to appear like a serious drama is simply going to fail.
    How can the casting directors be doing their jobs if actors of this quality are all that they can come up with?
    I mean, isn’t there some sort of competetive selection process as part of the casting process?
    Why in almost every Aussie show do we seem to see the same bloody half dozen faces that I was tired of a decade ago?
    Are we that skint for fresh acting talent that we have to keep on seeing and hearing those who have proven themselves over and over again that they have no business in front of a camera.
    Is it any wonder that Aussie TV is a laughing stock?

  4. So there will never be a second season… at all? I thought it was an absolute brilliant show, i’m 15 and i loved the show, and sat with my father every week and watched it. I think it was watched by many, and liked and loved by millions. I think a return to television fr The Strip would be great, and will rise to popularity again.. maybe even more then the first season.

  5. this was a great tv show, so sad that it was cancelled. i watched every episode on tv. i was actually excited because i went to surfers paradise for holidays and went down the main street and i shopped at a 7-11 that i saw in one episode, and a number of other places. thrilling, huh? it was. but thank god each episode is available on itunes, for anyone who loved the show like me.

  6. Ozzie in DXB

    Oh my god! A lover of Mcleod’s Daughter, and nearly every Ozzie made ‘serial’ – I have lived away from Oz, in Dubai now for four years. We’ve had the luxury of Mcleod’s, and then we’ve suffer Sea Patrol and The Strip – what hell is this? If it isn’t enough that the major satellite channels offer this – from South Africa, like they know any better, please as an Aussie – how bloody embarrising!
    This is low quality (even lower than Neighbours when it first started and certainly of the similiar standard to Home and Away which is unbelievable pathetic…..
    Do we really want to be portrayed as ‘half-wits’? Because believe me…..that’s how you look providing this level of entertainment to the rest of world. Shame on you. We can truely do better than this!
    Aussie in DXB.

  7. that sucks could of at least tried2 put it on another night to attract move viewers its a great cast and story lines are gooooood i will miss it for sure please another net work revive it!!

  8. That was one of the best shows – I can’t believe that a show of this calibre can be axed…..what’s wrong with Australian viewers… we know there is no hope for the local industry.

  9. Shame nine has axed it,Thought it was a decent show,sure anyboby could have come up with some of those plots and the acting was so-so but it was better than most of the crap thats served up on TV these days.
    But we loved trying to work out where scenes were done on the Gold Coast(being an ex-gold coaster) the biggest laugh was when they were in that car chase scene and they were driving between sugar cane fields and they said they were going along the Pacific Hwy at Bilinga,they must’ve sprung up overnight!

  10. ah memo to ch 9 execs whats happening with the young doctors remake for god sake get this show up and running you fools havent had a successful soap since the original ended in 83 what does that tell you everything you try is crapola bring back the albert memorial and perhaps if you cant see the valley for the trees then perhaps you shouldnt be working in television give me a job and i’ll fix the network firstly by getting rid of all the yankee crap you air and then reinstating some good ole aussie drama ah sister livingstone dr holland anyone and what we also need is the restless years to be contemporised and remade but no 9 has certaintly been lacking in the soap dept and no mcleods was not a soap it was a series in the same vein as a country practice.

  11. Mini-series. Yeah, sure, now try to say it’s only a mini-series to make it look like it wasn’t axed. They really have a shifty way of wording everything.

    I am glad this crap is finally over and done with. This show actually makes City Homicide look good and that’s saying a lot.

  12. Humm The “Russian Strip” didn’t do much for audiences

    week after week all it was Russian this Russian that i live on the gold coast and i had no idea that the Russians ran everything i must be blind or channel 9 is seeing something that i am missing

  13. Needless to say I’m very unhappy about this. I’m sick of Aussie drama’s being filmed in crummy studios and set in boring suburbs and grey citys, finally a drama that shows off Austalia’s beautiful landscape- ie. the gold coast- and now its been axed!! What a dissapointment!! C’mon network’s pull your finger out, we need a new Country practice, Blue Heelers, McLeod’s daughters ect not all this ammericanised crap like Rush, Sea Patrol and All Saints.

  14. The Strip started with a rocky start – I actually missed a couple of episodes but then went back to it – def improved as it went along, be sad to see it go!!

  15. Finally! The Strip was utter rubbish. Crap acting, crap storylines. Australian networks need to give up on making their own CSI Miama, or Life, Burn Notice etc. It’s just not going to work….stop wasting your money and putting the viewers through the torture that was this show!!

  16. I’m not sad this show has been axed it wasn’t good at all, 9’s had a very mixed bag with drama this year with Underbelly and Sea Patrol both doing very well but everything else failing.

    I agree – cop/medical shows have a story engine and hence are great concepts, you just need to be able to find a new spin on the genre each time like Stingers (undercover), Water Rats (water police), CSI (Forensics), Rush (tactical response) and so forth.

    Also – is Nine still going ahead with Young Doctors??

    And secondly, this is justifiably being axed but I don’t think Canal Road was given much of a chance, shelved after 1 ep at 825K at 9.30.

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