Back to back to the Futurama

Channel TEN has advised its Futurama episodes tomorrow night will both be new eps.

TEN will screen 2 thirty minute instalments from Beast with a Billion Backs, the second of the four Futurama straight-to-DVD films. It was released in the US on DVD in June and aired on Comedy Central in October.

When TEN aired Bender’s Big Score it split the movie across four weeks, following a new episode with a repeat.

In the latest adventure, Bender gets upset when Fry finds a new girlfriend. But she has four extra boyfriends.

At this stage it looks like the third and fourth instalments won’t air until November 26, with a previously scheduled Hamish and Andy special still due on Wed November 19.

The word “switch” comes to mind…..

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  1. I hope the second ep doesn’t rate less than the first did tonight…Ten didn’t bother to edit the two episodes into one hour long episode, and so it looked like the first one had finished, and we’d have to wait for part 2…..and it didn’t help having a Liar Liar movie promo over the credits!

    They did go straight into the second ep, but with the “Previously on Futurama” intro – as if we all forgot in those few seconds!!

    Plus the ad during the first ep just said more Futruama coming up next, rather than more “New” Futurama….

  2. “Tonight on TEN…

    Futurama at 7:30PM
    wait scrap that…
    Some random Hamish and Andy special
    wait another change…
    Ice Road Truckers
    crud that’s already on Fridays…
    Ok then how about a Simpsons marathon?


  3. good move by ten, i will be watching. oh by the way, you must make some money with the advertisements on this site now. sorry but i hate flashing crap, they always look so suss

  4. Thanks for the heads up David. I already own the DVD, but I’m interested to see how they will be split up into individual episodes as I was overseas when Ten aired Bender’s Big Score.

    I’m disappointed by how late these episodes are being added to the schedule though. They’ll rate pretty poorly if the lackluster advertising and last minute scheduling are any indication. 🙁

    Still, it would’ve been a better idea to play it alongside The Simpsons.

  5. It was a good movie, but these types of constant late changes are not enough time to promote anything anymore. As such, i wouldn’t expect much better ratings.

  6. Ugh.. TEN!!! >_< Your programming is so mindless sometimes! Why don’t they move the Hamish and Andy special to the next week? 🙁 The word ‘switch’ really does come to mind.

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