Brooke Satchwell in Mumbai terror

Actress Brooke Satchwell is in the middle of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India.

Satchwell told Nine News today she is waiting out the scene in a hotel just 250 metres away from the Taj Hotel, which is burning from the attacks. She is there with other 8 Australians, including film crew members.

Satchwell said the chaos began when she stepped outside the hotel for a cigarette, but that it was possibly a ‘luckier’ move than for some of the others in her party.

“As I stepped inside the bathroom, gunshots started to go off,” she said, “and they were in the lobby just outside. There was probably about six of us in the bathroom. Everybody froze. Then adrenalin kicked in and it became pretty clear what was going on. People started to lock themselves in toilet cubicles, but that didn’t seem like a very clever idea because there was no way out.

“We waited 45 minutes to an hour with gunshots going around. Some of the staff were going out the door which was a little terrifying. There were people getting shot in the corridor. There was someone dead outside the bathroom. About 45 minutes later some of the hotel officials came in and shepherded us out,” she said.

“In the foyer it was chaos. I don’t think they know what was going on, where anybody was or what the plan was. Next thing I knew I was running down the stairs and there were a couple of dead bodies across the stairs.

“I ran up the street and bumped into an American tourist,” she said.

“It became very clear that it wasn’t very safe and foreigners were a strong target. So we went into another hotel.”

The former Neighbours and Canal Road actress said she made her way back to her hotel, and re-grouped with her party.

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