Bud to bloom in Roses

Veteran actor Bud Tingwell and Phillip Quast have joined the second season of the ABC's Bed of Roses.

Veteran actor Bud Tingwell and Phillip Quast (Play School, South Pacific, Les Miserables) have joined the cast of the second season of Bed of Roses, which began photography this week.

Extended from six to eight episodes and shot in HD, the drama sees the return of Kerry Armstrong, Julia Blake, Caroline Gillmer, Jay Laga’aia, Dina Panozzo, Kaarin Fairfax and Hanna Mangan-Lawrence.

Head of ABC TV Drama Miranda Dear, says, “We knew whilst making series one that we had something special on our hands and so went straight into developing a second series. The audience response was terrific both on ABC1 and vodcast.

“It was clear that there was so much more to explore in this community, so many more stories to tell about Australian contemporary life, so this season has a bonus two episodes and two new characters. There are some surprises in store and it’s shaping up to be as funny, entertaining and heartfelt as ever whilst Louisa tackles the big question of what to do now she’s grown up!”

Bed of Roses, written by Jutta Goetze and Elizabeth Coleman, will have three directors, Darren Ashton (Razzle Dazzle, Thunderstruck), Ted Emery (Kath & Kim, The Craic, Micallef) and Grant Brown (Dirt Game, Underbelly, McLeod’s Daughters).

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  1. @Cameron – don’t you think one of the ways the ABC (and also BBC) make such good quality drama is that they keep series deliberately short? It keeps the writing taught, the actors primed and people interested in watching rather than deliverling endless episodes of so-so quality.

  2. great to see another series of this great show and with 8 episodes next year. It should be more but an extra 2 is better than none. ABC should re-air series 1 but they really should have the dvd out on special (under $20) so more people will buy it. The ABC need to have more great dramas and I hope Cut and Dirt Game end up being good and interesting.

    Looking forward to series 2 of Bed of Roses

  3. It was a great first series. I really enjoyed it on a Saturday night it was quite enjoyable. The writers were very clever and it was a warm heartfelt series. It would be great if they reaired Series one.

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