Carla Cametti PD tops SBS summer

SBS' Summer has Carla Cametti PD, Top Gear (UK), Inspector Rex, Food Safari, Iron Chef, Tour Down Under and a Canadian Muslim comedy, Little Mosque on the Prairie.

The summer schedules keep coming. SBS has Carla Cametti PD, new Top Gear (UK), Inspector Rex, Food Safari, Iron Chef, Tour Down Under and Dakkar Rally.

Carla Cametti PD features Diana Glenn (Satisfaction) as a cop from a family riddled with gangsters. Ironically, Vince Colosimo this time plays a detective seconded to curb Melbourne’s burgeoning gangland activity.

While some of the shows were already flagged for summer by SBS some weeks ago, we now have definitive times.

There’s another motorcycling series by Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman, Long Way Down, a Muslim comedy from Canada, Little Mosque on the Prairie, a doco on Wall Street, more soccer (of course!) and the acclaimed Mad Men is expected around March.

Press Release:
Top Gear
6 x 1 hour series, returns Monday 24 November at 7:30pm
Top Gear, the BBC’s irreverent motoring show has become one of the most popular programs in the SBS schedule, and the show has an estimated audience of 350 million worldwide. You don’t need to know anything about cars to enjoy this impertinent look at all things automotive. Top Gear features provocative and light-hearted car tests, news, reviews and special features presented by idiosyncratic hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, as well as a rowdy studio audience, and anonymous masked racing driver The Stig.

Food Safari
9 x 1/2 hour documentary series returns Wednesday 3 December at 7:30pm
Maeve O’Meara returns in the ever popular Food Safari with a new series exploring both exotic and established cuisines from South America, the United States and the United Kingdom as well as Jewish, Persian and Egyptian cuisines.

Long Way Down
10 x 1 hour documentary series starts Wednesday 3 December at 8:30pm
In a follow-up to the documentary series “Long Way Round”, actors and best friends Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman travel from John O’Groats, Scotland down to Cape Town, South Africa on motorcycles. They travel down through Europe and Africa, getting an up-close view of the local cultures. They also stop at various UNICEF projects to offer support and assistance to the children there.

Inspector Rex – Rex in Rome
8 x 1 hour drama – new series starts Thursday 4 December at 7:35pm

Wall Street Warriors
6 x ½ hour documentary series starts Friday 5 December at 7:30pm
A fascinating documentary series examining the extreme power and intense competition that defines Wall Street, seen through the eyes of those who thrive there.

Carla Cametti, PD
6 x 1 hour drama series starts Thursday 8 January at 8:30pm
Sassy, sexy and determined, Carla Cametti has the looks and street smarts to get what she wants. But she also has a personal life that’s rife with danger – from a family riddled with gangsters to her volatile relationship with Detective Luciano Gandolfi, a dangerously smooth policeman seconded to curb Melbourne’s burgeoning gangland activity. Oh, and there’s a price on her head, but at least life isn’t dull, and for a girl like Carla, that means more than a 9 to 5 job and money in the bank – although money for the rent wouldn’t go astray? The enchanting Diana Glenn and Vince Colosimo lead a stellar ensemble cast as Carla and Gandolfi, two people who share a penchant for danger and an undeniable attraction for each other. The series also stars Nicole Da Silva, Robert Mammone, Sullivan Stapleton and Daniela Farinacci.

Little Mosque on the Prairie
14 x 25 minute series starts in January
The location is Mercy Saskatchewan, a small town in the Canadian prairie. A small but devout community of Muslims has settled there, headed by community leader Yasir Hamoudi, a local building contractor. He is married to Sarah, a Caucasian ex-Christian who has converted to Islam for her husband. Their adult daughter, Rayyan, is a feminist Muslim doctor. The religious leader of the Muslim community – the Imam – is Amaar Rashid, a young, Canadian-born ex-lawyer from Toronto, who came to Mercy to replace Baber Siddiqui, who was deemed too extreme by many in the Mercy Muslim community. The local diner is run by Fatima Dinssa, a Nigerian Muslim who is strict about her religion but more liberal in her cultural values. The Muslims in Mercy are co-existing with their Christian neighbors, sometimes harmoniously, sometimes not. Reverend Duncan Magee welcomes his Muslim neighbours, especially if they enhance the social and economic fabric of the community and his parish. Likewise, Mayor Ann Popowicz welcomes the Muslim population especially if they vote for her. However, local radio host, Fred Tupper, is suspect of the Muslims and their supposed terrorist ways. But he and many of the townsfolk, Muslim or Christian, are equally as suspect of someone like Amaar since he is from the big bad city of Toronto, a city which has shaped his views and which is contrary to the outlook of a town like Mercy.

Homeless World Cup
Sunday 7 December
Final LIVE at 5:00pm (AEDT)
The Homeless World Cup is the annual international street football tournament, uniting teams of people who are homeless and excluded from society to take a once in a lifetime opportunity to represent their country, educate the public on the universal issue of homelessness and change their lives forever. Melbourne’s Federation Square will host the 2008 Homeless World Cup and 58 countries from across the globe will participate in the men’s and women’s week long competition. SBS will broadcast the men’s final LIVE and the highlights from the women’s final in The World Game on Sunday 7 December from 5:00pm.

FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup
Monday 8 December
Final LIVE at 8:15am (AEDT)
This December in Chile, 15 countries will vie for the fourth FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup title. The three previous championships have crowned three different victors and in 2008 the world will be watching to see if a new dominant country emerges.

Dakar Rally 2009
Sunday 4 – Monday 19 January
Daily highlights at 6:00pm
One of the toughest races in the world, the Dakar Rally has moved from its home in Africa to a new continent for its 2009 edition. In January, South America will play host to more than 550 adventurers from all corners of the world as cars, trucks, motorbikes and quads race through 6000 kilometres of merciless terrain. Beginning in Buenos Aires both amateur and professional drivers will navigate the spectacular, and often brutal, countryside of Argentina and Chile during the 15-stage on- and off-road endurance event. In the ultimate test of stamina and strength, the participants will find themselves experiencing South America at its most diverse. From crossing the Andes and negotiating their way through the Atacama Desert, the Dakar offers nature at its stunning best and often most punishing. SBS will broadcast daily highlights of the 2009 Dakar Rally from Sunday 4 – Monday 19 January at 6:00pm. To coincide with our television coverage, SBS will host an extensive online Dakar website with all the latest news, results, blogs and video highlights.

Tour Down Under
Tuesday 20 – Sunday 26 January, 2009
Daily highlights at 6:00pm
The Tour Down Under is a six-day cycling event held each year in Adelaide and throughout its surrounding picturesque countryside, attracting top cyclists from Australia and around the world. In 2009, the Tour Down Under will once again open the new European cycling season as race one on the UCI ProTour calendar and is rumoured the welcome return of former professional cyclist and seven-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong, will be in Adelaide this summer. SBS will broadcast the daily highlights of the 2009 season opener from Tuesday 20 to Sunday 26 January at 6:00pm.

Iron Chef
Never seen in Australia, new 8 x 1 hour series returns Saturday 14 February at 8:30pm.

Mad Men
Coming to SBS in late summer 2009
A multi-Emmy-award wining US drama about one of New York’s most prestigious ad agencies at the beginning of the 1960s, focusing on one of the firm’s most mysterious but extremely talented ad executives, Donald Draper.

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  1. Carla Cametti truly is “Sex and The City come Soprano”.What a great show.Finally something interesting to watch on the television on a thursday night.Great storyline,great actors. Vince Colosimo what great eye candy for the female audiences,Bello e Bravo!

  2. Carla’s acting is 1st Class and her Family is so typically Italian Australian, I loved the part when Vince Colosimo arrived for Dinner at Carla’s Parents,now I Think this was a Really Great Scene, Vince Colosimo is a half Calabrian,

    I am 1 of 8 Children From A Very Taditional Italaian-Calabrian Family, Boths Parents Are From Calabria in Italy, Family and Food Is There passion.
    The Food On The Dinner Table Looked Exactly The Same As It Does On My Mothers Dinner Table When We Are There For Dinner
    1: Absolute Amazing 2: Very Colorful 3: An Abundance of all types of Foods Pastas,Sauces,Pastries,Meats,Bread,Salads,Deserts,Wines-Vino and Desert Wines etc
    I cannot wait for the next show,Looking forward to it, Bye and Ciao For Now…Frank Zoccali

  3. YAY SBS – Mad Men (with yummy Jon Hamm) and new Iron Chef will be must see TV for me (no idea why Iron Chef is compelling TV – but I can’t seem to draw my eyes away from it whenever it’s on).

    Carla Commetti and Little Mosque on the Prairie both look like they’ll be worth trying out too.

  4. Dakkar Rally – I missed this last year with it being canceled.

    Mad Men – fantastic, finally coming to FTA!

    Top Gear UK – Finally!

    Long Way Down – More good shows, yay.

    SBS might be the place to be this summer.

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