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Chris Lilley reckons he has about five different ideas for his next project.

As Summer Heights High prepares to launch in the US next week, Chris Lilley says he has come up with about five different ideas for his next project.

“It’s a matter of narrowing it down to one,” he told Sydney Morning Herald.

Lilley said he was occasionally offered roles in other TV shows and films. “Not as much as you might think, based on everyone jumping up and down about the show,” he said.

“I think people just think of me as the guy who does his own stuff. The problem I get is the people who have a script that requires a little bit of funny stuff and they think ‘Ah, funny guy, let’s get that guy’. Then you read them and they’re not very good. And I also really like focusing on my own stuff.”

As for more Ja’mie, Mr G and Jonah, Lilley again reckons “I’ve got some things that are bringing back old ones and some that are completely new ones.”

Meanwhile fans of Lilley might be interested in a repeat of the doco series Our Boys screening at 3:55am Monday November 10 on ABC1.:

Our Boys: Filipe
Follows the lives of students and teachers at Canterbury Boys High. This week we meet Filipe Mahe, a cheeky, disruptive 15-year-old from Tonga who has slipped through the net – he’s made it into Year 9 without being able to read or write. (CC, PG, Rpt)

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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  1. The problem with him moving to 9, 10, or 7, would be I don’t think they would give him as much control as he has on the ABC.
    To many people would have their fingers in the pie, so to speak.

  2. Is there a chance at all that lilley might move back to 7 or maybe to 9 or ten for his next show?

    i know its a sin of humanity and betrayal to the ABC who gave him a chance. but if he wants his shows to reach their full viewer potential that they deserve it will have to happen one day.

    SHH was obviously mainly aimed at younger demos and most of my friends weren’t aware that it was on because they never watch ABC shows to catch onto the promotion. imagine how big it could’ve been on a big network.

  3. I was just saying last night that Lilley doesn’t seem to do much media. Now he proves me wrong.

    7HD have been playing Big Bite as a fill in program in the early hours. Lilley was always the star of that show, and it featured some early Mr G.

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