Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy, Daisies not renewed

America’s ABC has axed three of its shows: Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money according to TVGuide.

All three series will come to an end when this season’s 13-episode orders expire.

Daisies’ creator Bryan Fuller said he had been holding out hope that high-ranking advocates for his show could have worked some magic.

Dirty Sexy stars William Baldwin and Seth Gabel told TVGuide.com earlier this week that they were just finishing their own 13th episode, and urged fans to tune in, or see the Darling family take its leave.

Eli Stone was considered the longest shot of the three.

According to TVGuide an insider from at least one of the three shows says that as long as new episodes are on the air, there is always that slim chance that improved ratings could provide a glimmer of hope.

Seven has just announced the return of Dirty Sexy Money along with the premiere of Eli Stone for summer. Nine has promised Pushing Daisies for summer.

Source: TV Guide


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