Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy, Daisies not renewed

America’s ABC has axed three of its shows: Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money according to TVGuide.

All three series will come to an end when this season’s 13-episode orders expire.

Daisies’ creator Bryan Fuller said he had been holding out hope that high-ranking advocates for his show could have worked some magic.

Dirty Sexy stars William Baldwin and Seth Gabel told TVGuide.com earlier this week that they were just finishing their own 13th episode, and urged fans to tune in, or see the Darling family take its leave.

Eli Stone was considered the longest shot of the three.

According to TVGuide an insider from at least one of the three shows says that as long as new episodes are on the air, there is always that slim chance that improved ratings could provide a glimmer of hope.

Seven has just announced the return of Dirty Sexy Money along with the premiere of Eli Stone for summer. Nine has promised Pushing Daisies for summer.

Source: TV Guide


  1. I don’t get it; Everybody I know loves Dirty sexy money and can’t believe it got axed. Thought it was the best new show in 2008. I wonder who makes these decisions. Maybe it is the same people who are going to put Jay Leno on 5 days a week at 10. They didn’t learn from expanding Millionaire, etc. I predict that show will go down in flames. It’s too much in your face at 10 pm.

  2. I am really dissapointed with the axing of Pushing Daisies. LIke the other Brian Fuller shows, Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me, they were more cult style programs, which made it limited appeal. That is what I liked most about it, as it was so different from everything else on tv, from the sets, writing, a narrator, and the characters themselves.

    I heard production costs was also an issue with this show. The sets, CGI, costumes and graphics are all so great, with a lot of effort put into it.

    I agree with Marco, Olive Snook will be highly missed in this house, and yes, I did see her on Ellen at the gym. It was so funny!

  3. Blarg. Oh well. Now I won’t bother watching the rest of Eli and PD, no point watching a canceled show when the storylines don’t have a chance for closure. As for DSM, I saw the pilot n didn’t think too much of it.

  4. Apologies Neil – it’s a pity you didn’t get to enjoy your present.

    I’m with Southpatt – Pushing Daisies is a beautiful show to watch, and along with Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me (I believe by the same creator), were cut before their prime.

    The writers strike has a lot to answer for here, because it was rating its socks off before season 1 was stopped prematurely.

    I’m gonna miss Kristin Chenoweth as Olive Snook immensely! Did anyone see her on Ellen recently? She was hilarious.

  5. Even though Eli is axed, I’ll still tune in when it’s on Seven in the summer. I wonder when (or if?) PD will be scheduled by Nine. From the hype it gets from the comments on this site, it sounds interesting I’d have a go at it.

  6. Pushing Daisies in a unique show in a sea of over served cops and robbers crime shows. Everything from the premise to the sets, the glorious use of colour and the narrative style has me and the girls enthralled. What a shame if this does not continue.

  7. I don’t get how a show can be overrated rubbish yet Neil went to the trouble to get the DVDs of Season 1 from overseas (because it’s not available in Australia yet)???

  8. I am disappointed about dirty sexy money i really loved this show i guess i will have to catch the show on seven this summer. As for daisies and stone they are both lame shows. I find it strange that the shows that are being axed at the moment are the shows that were new last season during the writers strike period and given a second season for the fact they may do better.

  9. I know quite a few people that are going to be really sad about Pushing Daisies getting the chop. The ratings were never spectacular, which I suppose was why 9 didn’t air it, but it definately had a cult following.

  10. Pushing Daises was such a good show. I hope that, they bring it back some how, whether another network buys it, or they have just put it on hold or something.

  11. I guess everyone has their likes and dislikes and they need to please as many people as they can, more ratings equals more money, just a pity some of these shows are not on cable.

  12. Three terrific shows killed off on one day. Just goes to show that quality doesn’t sell on free to air TV in the US either any longer.

    Since those shows would have all wrapped production on their 13th episodes, that’s quite a hefty addition to the dole queues at a time (just before Xmas, too) when jobs are vanishing left, right and centre due to corporate panic. It’s odd how that will always get a mention when a bank downsizes, but when a TV network effectively lets go of hundreds and hundreds of people the only thing that’s newsworthy is the loss of the shows themselves πŸ™‚

  13. knoxoverstreet

    None of these shows do much for me although Pushing Daisies did seem interesting from what I read. I was much more annoyed with the axing of Women’s Murder Club which I thought had a lot of potential.

  14. I already heard about Pushing Daisies, and I am utterly gutted because although I thought that it would happen, I was always hoping this wouldn’t be the case but Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone?? I am getting so tired of this. I wish that in the future, there’d be a way around this. Shows cost money, I know, but there has to be some way around this. If they could count internet viewing through the network’s official website then that might change the way they handle these incredible shows.

  15. Yeah the US Office is rubbish, Craig.

    As for PD, I have the first season on DVD(or had the first season on dvd).
    Also seen a couple of episodes of season 2, that was enough.
    Like I said earlier, I am glad it is axed.

  16. Neil can I ask how much of Pushing Daisies have you seen and since it is yet to air here why are you wasting time downloading a show you don’t like?

    It’s a unique show which is one reason it doesn’t rate, The Office doesn’t rate here and is the reason ch10 has stuck it late on Sundays, is it rubbish as well?

  17. Not surprised about Pushing Daisies, overrated rubbish.

    Some people carry on here about this show, and why nine doesn’t show it, well it’s axing has proven why nine has yet to air it.

  18. The US networks sometimes struggle to break even with some shows, so if a show is pulling really low numbers and they play the rest out, then we can’t expect much more from them. But our networks pay relatively little for episodes and arguably some episodes make more money for them than their US counterparts, before DVD sales etc.

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