Eli Stone to sing on Seven’s summer

Eli Stone, Holby Blue, the return of Las Vegas, Ugly Betty, Kath & Kim, more Scrubs, Amazing Race and Heroes -all part of Seven's summer line-up.

Seven will finally premiere Eli Stone in Australia as part of its summer line-up.

The US drama by Greg Berlanti (Brothers and Sisters, Dirty Sexy Money, Everwood) features Jonny Lee Miller as an attorney with an inoperable brain aneurysm -and a bit of a fixation with the catalogue of George Michael. Each episode is named after a Michael song, and the pop star even makes an appearance during one of the fantasy sequences, incorporated as one of Stone’s hallucinations.

Seven will also premiere British crime drama Holby Blue and (gasp) American Gladiators.

Scrubs will move to a new slot 10:30pm Mondays from December 1st (it isn’t clear how many eps), followed by the return of the American Kath & Kim at 11pm. The Rich List remains in its Monday timeslot.

The Amazing Race, Heroes, The Unit and Prison Break will continue (the latter to become twice weekly).

Ugly Betty will be back and Las Vegas fans will be pleased to hear of its return with “The Burning Bedouin” (Series 4 episode 14).

The short-lived US dance series Dance Machine is also in Seven’s line-up.

Better Homes and Gardens will move into a summer highlights series.

More shows are yet to be revealed….

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  1. very clever move by seven though. obviously, they’re gonna try to build a bigger audience with HIMYM repeats and then hopefully get good ratings with new eps next yr when ratings season starts. where have we seen this tactic work before to a networks complete advantage where their schedule was saturated with the bloody show it rated/rates so good? ch 9, 2,5 men

  2. Ohh yay Las Vegas…i’ve only been waiting a good year…stupid channel seven. I bought season 4 and 5 from Amazon.com a long time ago…its a good final series. Very good infact. It’s a pitty that NBC axed it without a proper ending, however there’s talk of the Las Vegas stars appearing in an episode of Knight Rider (It has the same producer) to finish things off…Let’s hope that eventuates!

    Any news on whether Las Vegas will continue straight onto season 5?

  3. Ryan, I doubt HIMYM are new episodes, all the promos are showing footage from old episodes. I agree RichoTB, finally a worthwhile sitcom in the 7pm slot.

    This summers schedule (between all networks) looks much more proising than last year.

  4. Fantastic!! HIMYM is one of the best sitcoms ATM and it blows that horrible 2.5 men out of the water. Finally, a sitcom 5x a week with actual humour!! And class!! That’s great

    Eli Stone’s pilot was mad, its good the series is finally seeing the light of day here, hopefully in an 8:30pm slot. I don’t see why they’re bothering with Las Vegas seeing as it was axed months ago and never even had a proper written finale in the US.

    Good to see some fun serial slows (Heroes, PB, The Unit) on there, the question is where they’ll air. Will they continue stuck in 10:30pm timeslots or will they be given an earlier slot over non-ratings?

    Also, will they be playing the 12 eps of Bones they skipped before? And what of axed shows like My Own Worst Enemy and Lipstick Jungle? If they’re doing it with Las Vegas, they should do it with some newer series too. They did it with Six Degrees last summer and that was great fun, even for a 10:30pm timeslot. Overall, fun lineup and much better than Nine and Ten. Good job Seven

  5. American Gladiators is everything Channel 7 wished they had the budget for. It’s great.

    I know one of the Aussie female Gladiators and she says there’s still been no word on whether or not there will be a second season. 🙁

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