Final season for Monk

Monk is to have its eighth, and last, season on the USA Network.

Tony Shalhoub has bagged a number of awards for his performance as the unconventional Adrian Monk, will bow out with 16 more episodes in 2009.

The show’s high price tag likely made it hard for USA to justify going beyond an eighth season despite the fact it is still is going strong from a ratings standpoint. The show is averaging 5 million total viewers, including 2 million in adults 18-49 and 2.5 million in adults 25-54.

But those involved with the show want it to finish while it is on a high.

In Australia, the series most recently aired on TEN HD.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Thanks to TV1, I have been able to see all of season 1 -4 complete with no interuptions during each season. TEN showed it more often in the eastern states during footbal season on sat nights, but not here in Adelaide, we have to get football to entertain the masses. I managed to catch all of season 5 on TENHD this year, only because I have a PVR, otherwise i would have missed out. Season 5 was really enjoyable.

    Now that we are losing TENHD, it will be a very long time till we see seasons 6, 7 and 8. TV1 have only showed frist 4 seasons, and only show one season every 12-18 months (probably because TEN won’t air them). I dont expect to be able to view season 6 until somtime in late 2010. And when I do see them on Foxtel they are in 4:3 an not 16:9, as the show moved into widescreen during season 4. Hopefully all of Foxtels channels are in 16:9 by then. (Side Note: Why did they just make Fox Classics 16:9, when there are so many other deserving channels???)

    I might try to download over Xmas, when there is not much else to grab.

  2. 10s treatment of this show has really riled me bigtime. Probably my favorite show of this decade or at least equal with House/CSI,and thanks to 10 I missed out on a huge chunk of it as it was being made. Couldn’t they have found a slot for it somewhere?? How about after midnight instead of those damn infommercials?? Now it’s DVDs so I can finally watch S4 onwards.

    As for this news it’s probably best to finish before it starts to slide creatively speaking and eight years is a very good run.

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