Gallery: Swift & Shift Couriers

A double episode with a controversial storyline will see the Swift & Shift Couriers in some exotic locations for SBS.

Swift and Shift Couriers has two upcoming, and potentially controversial, episodes which will see it using overseas locations as a backdrop to its plot.

On Monday December 1st Mario and Melissa head on an overseas assignment which sees them stop off in Thailand and Egypt.

It’s just as well John Howard isn’t still PM, because he probably wouldn’t warm to the storyline, particularly one coming from a public broadcaster.

The couriers offer to transport the ashes of an Australian soldier killed in Iraq back to Australia as a publicity stunt to promote the company….

As well as the regular cast of Paul Fenech, Melissa Tkautz, Ian Turpie, Angry Anderson and Amanda Keller the episodes will guest star Brendan Jones, Russell Gilbert,John Mangos, Rob Shehadie and Bessie Bardot,

The double eps air 8:30pm Monday December 1 and 8 on SBS.

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