How Rush nearly blew up City Homicide

Tonight’s episode of Rush features a bomber with an agenda, who creates more than a few headaches for the Tactical Response Team.

In fact, as has been previosuly reported, one member from the team will die next week as a result.

What isn’t so widely known is that for the filming of the Rush episode, the bomber could have taken out the team from City Homicide.

The location used for the explosions in the TEN drama, is the actual building used to house the production team from City Homicide. If you can’t beat ’em in the ratings, try another mad method, eh?

Who knew that an office block in Kings Way, South Melbourne could be such a hotbed of drama (literally) for the State Police?

What’s next: taking down them high-rating doctors in All Saints?


  1. ducko on November 4th, 2008 2:35 pm
    Surprise,surprise, another story about Rush!!

    2 things

    1. This is only the 3rd story on Rush?
    2. It’s not your website

  2. oh my, you have to be kidding. The Strip has Australia’s best actors, that is laughable!! Rush comes from a far more dynamic creative team and the cast just can not be compared to the crap The Strip dishes up.

    You must not have watched much of Rush to think it is studio based.

  3. I live in the UK I must admit that I always comment on how much I would like to live where they film The Strip but although I watch it I do prefer Rush and City Homicide.

  4. yes but Rush, is just a boring drama about mundane uniform police officers just roaming the streets of a city.

    Wheras the Strip has exellent and integing murder mysterys, a fantastic location in the exotic Gold Coast and some of Australia’s finest actors like Aaron jeffrey and the wonderful vanessa Grey. I love the Strip and belive it is one of Australia’s finest dramas ever made, its just a pity people dont seem to agree with me.

    What also anoys me about Rush and City Homicide and a few other aussie dramas is that they are mianly filmed in some crummy studio otherwise known as the “station” and fail to show the beautiful landscape and scenerey that makes Australia so special, wheras dramas such as the Strip, mcleod’s daughters and East of everywhere ect manage to film on fantastic lcoations!

  5. The other Jack! here … I like both Rush and The Strip … they are different but both are doing really well to get me to be continually watching “Cop” shows … I hate all those american cop and hospital shows!

  6. Jack, you have to be kdding, teh Strip is a joke, horrible acting, sotrylines etc.. I find it funny how some people are put off by good scripts and acting, ie Rush

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