Jacobz wins Seven dance

Actor Luke Jacobz has won the eighth season of Dancing with the Stars, defeating boxer Danny Green.

The Home and Away star landed a perfect score as did footballer Paul Licuria, who was the first to be eliminated from an all male 3-way battle. Licuria also did a “Tom Williams” and danced shirtless, in an exhibition (or exhibitionist?) dance, despite the fact he had been cut from the title earlier.

Violinist Andre Rieu also appeared. With shirt intact.

The eighth series has been the lowest rating ever for Seven, with a new host and a tough new night on Sundays.

Press Release:
Luke Jacobz is the eighth champion of Dancing With The Stars, with a knockout perfect last dance wrestling the glitter ball from boxer Danny Green’s fingertips.

Luke, dancing for the Wesley Mission, commanded a standing ovation for his freestyle dance routine with partner Luda Kroitor and walked away with perfect scores from all three judges – Todd McKenney, Helen Richey and Mark Wilson – and the coveted trophy.

It was Luke and Luda’s first perfect score – and only the third of the competition – in a series that the judges found the toughest and closest ever.

The overwhelmed Home and Away star said: “Luda has been in three finals during her time on Dancing with the Stars, and now she’s won one. It’s awesome!

“The Wesley Mission do great things around the country and have been doing so for years, so it’s great to be able to support such a worthy cause.”

Dancing in green, Danny came close as runner-up with his charity SIDS Australia benefiting from his time on the dance floor.

For the first time in Australian Dancing With the Stars history, three couples contested the final with a cha cha cha face-off deciding the final two. Despite a perfect score for his first dance of the finale, and his second of the competition, Paul Licuria was the first to be eliminated.

All 10 dancing partnerships returned to the dance floor for performances of their favourite routines: Brooke Hanson and John Paul Collins dancing the tango; James Tobin and Jade Hatcher dancing the jive; Cal Wilson and Craig Monley dancing the quickstep; Red Symons and Ana Andre dancing with Argentine tango; Jodi Gordon and Stefano Oliveri dancing the rumba; Toni Pearen and Henry Byalikov dancing the cha cha; and Charli Delaney and Csaba Szirmai dancing the rumba.

Week 10 scorecard:

Luke Jacobz and Luda Kroitor – 85 (29 for waltz, 26 for cha cha, 30 for freestyle)

Danny Green and Natalie Lowe – 71 (23 for tango, 22 for cha cha, 26 for freestyle)
Paul Licuria and Eliza Campagna – 54 (30 for quickstep and 24 for cha cha)

Dancing with the Stars, hosted by Daniel MacPherson and Sonia Kruger, is a hit BBC format now in more than 30 countries. It is produced by Freehand Productions for the Seven Network and BBC Worldwide.


  1. @Mr. Do-Bee
    i believe Daryl made the decision to leave himself, it was such a good rating show, of course they were looking for someone to “mimic so many of Daryl’s mannerisms”

    @ everyone accusing DWTS of rigging.
    i am assuming you guys do not watch the show: Bec/Ada/Tom/Grant/Kouta/ cebrano/Luke were all very deserving winners. being liked has never been a crime

    and anyway all of the other networks do it aswel just look at hole in the wall, celebrity dog school, dancing on ice: that had lund+stefovic+rooney+slater+brareton+broadbridge = 6/10 celebs all working for the network at the time)

  2. I can’t believe the whinging in most of the posts here, pretty cruel actually.
    If I detested DWTS so much I wouldn’t bother watching it, or do you watch and take notes so you can complain.

    I watch DWTS every season and I enjoy it for what it is “Entertainment” and last night was of a high standard, interesting, fun and IMHO most enjoyable and Luke Jacobz is a very worthy winner. He is a young man with personality and humour who doesn’t take himself too seriously but he worked very hard to keep going and win.

    Daniel Macpherson would not have been my first choice for host of DWTS, however he’s done a fantastic job and minus the Big Ego of the previous host.

    Jolene Anderson’s name was also mentioned here as she won “It Takes Two”…Sorry if you don’t like Ch 7 personalities but Jolene was brilliant from the start as she can really sing. Good luck to her.

  3. YAY go luke! best of the 3. IMO toni should have won. yes i know he’s a 7 person but if you watched the show you would realise that there would have been a lot of people that would of voted for him. he is a real personality.

    i don’t think there is any rigging. the ch7 personalities always win simply because they are usually the best. and are truly deserving. keep in mind that DWTS has had stars from other networks on the show: bridie carter, david graham, fiona faukiner, and jamie durie, jessica rowe, luke jacobz, toni pearon, charli delaney were all on ch9 before they were on DWTS

    i wonder if luke will follow in tom williams and grant denyers footsteps and host every show on 7 after winning.

  4. The amazing improvement shown by the final contestants defintely made them “stars” … Luke was fantastic and his journey from start to winner was inspiring! And Lecuria without his shirt … breathtaking!

  5. Add this to the list of confounding observations re dwts. What’s with the Claytons Daryl? Why did they bring in an actor to freshen up the host role when all he has done is mimic so many of Daryl’s mannerisms?

  6. If the conspiracy theory had any merit, it would also apply to It Takes Two. Yes, Jolene Anderson won Series 2, but I doubt anyone would argue that she didn’t deserve to win. If it were rigged, Kate Ritchie would have won Series 1, especially since she had such a high profile at the time.

  7. Wait a sec…isn’t this a Channel 7 show? And isn’t/wasn’t the winner also on a Channel 7 show? And weren’t previous winners also on Channel 7 shows?

    Crap show watched by mindless Channel 7-aholics.

    Thankgod Summer is nearly here.

  8. What a surprise – the person who wins just happens to be appearing in another Channel 7 show! Just like Bec/Ada/Tom/Grant…

    Its a conspiracy I tells ya! A god damn conspiracy.

  9. Not a fan of this whole tacky franchise, but I happened to find myself in a location last night where I was given no choice but to watch it. Observations:

    1. What on earth were they thinking with that microphone? In the most over-the-top comedic satire of a chessy dance contest they would never come up with a diamanté-studded diaster like that. The sound guys must have been in constant pain from laughter.

    2. What on earth were they thinking with that trophy… oh you know how it goes.

    3. Why was this show popular at all in the first place?

    4. Where were the “stars”? I saw none.

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