Jules Lund and Fifi Box join The Chaser

Actually, they don’t.

But it sure fooled me too.

Check the blurb in the official ABC 2009 Programming Press Release.

Slipped beside other more legitimate listings, it would fool anybody who didn’t have their wits about them.

The Chaser’s War on Everything
COMEDY 10 x 30’
The Chaser team returns with a brand new series, screening exclusively on ABC3 on Friday nights at 11pm, and repeated afterwards on Garuda Airline’s inflight entertainment channel (in lieu of a safety video.) Joining the cast this year will be Jules Lund and Fifi Box. The new season will run for 10 weeks, or hopefully shorter if Chris Lilley comes up with something better between now and then, and will also feature an audience interactive element, where viewers can vote on which member of the Chaser team they think is most likely to be found passed out in a park beside Todd McKenny. A co-production between ABC TV and Chaser Broadcasting.



  1. Heart attack averted.

    Cruel David, cruel !!

    Jules Lund & Fifi Box head my list of top 10 annoying folks on TV.
    Yes, Andrew O’Keefe, Tim Campbell , Karl Stefanovic, Richard Wilkins & Jackie O on that list too.

  2. Haha you really scared me there how commercial of them it would have been.

    That said the show was suffering from a dramatic decline in quality towards the last season.

    Most notably the musical numbers were becoming more frequent and are never nearly clever enough for the screen time they take.

  3. Am I alone in that I don’t find, and never have found, the Chaser guys to be funny? There’s something about political satire that I find to be desperate, especially when it’s written three hours before broadcast. It just doesn’t make me laugh.

  4. Oh thank (insert deity here) for that. You gave me a real fright there with just the mere mention of Jules Lund and The Chaser in the same headline 🙂

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