Kate Ritchie in Underbelly role

Former Home and Away darling, Kate Ritchie is returning to television to play Judi Kane, the wife of slain 1970s standover man Les Kane, in the second series of Underbelly.

The two time Gold Logie winner said her break from acting made her realise it was something she loved and missed.

“I’m not sure what Judi is like, but I want to give a true representation, hopefully one that will make her pleased,” she said.

Kane was the father of Trisha Kane, the wife of slain gangland figure, Jason Moran.

The 1970’s series has been shooting scenes in the Hawkesbury region.

Also taking a role in the series is Ritchie’s one time Home and Away star, Dieter Brummer. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen him acting. The first season, which also featured a former Summer Bay resident in actor Les Hill, is up for several AFI Awards next month.

Source: Herald Sun


  1. There’s no way Abe Saffron and Mr Rentakill won’t be in this series.
    Its driving me mad who will play them, because the casting in Underbelly was so spot-on and from what we know now, appears to follow the trend for U2.

    Is there any confirmation that U2 is being written by the same team from U1? After watching most of Packed to the Rafters, the last two episodes appear to have been written by people who have never seen the show before. Not sure what happened, but the characters were all like pod people – completely different in the last two eps.
    Anyone know about Underbelly writers?

  2. Dieter could be playing the part of Les Cole, I’m thinking. He looks the part. Wow, this is pretty cool. That means, the Kane brothers are making an appearence, and most likely Abe Saffron, Lenny McPherson, Chris Flannery, too. I do remember watching ‘The Great Bookie Robbery’ the other day. The Temple brothers were the closest we’ve seen to an interpretation of their characters. I wish Ray Meagher did more roles like he did with that.

  3. Hmmm will definitely be interesting to see whether Kate’s acting abilities extend outside 20 years of Home & Away. I hope she does well but I think if her performance is poor it will limit her acting career in the future as people will think she can’t act outside her character ‘Sally’ in Home & Away. It’ll be refreshing to see her in a 70’s styled series though and a script much grittier than the show we know her best for.

  4. This will definitley prove how much of a versatile actress she is.

    @ Knoxoverstreet, when 9 announced Underbelly 2, they pretty much halted anything to do with The Young Doctors and put all their resources into U2.

  5. Please tell me Kate Ritchie did not say this…

    ““I’m not sure what Judi is like, but I want to give a true representation, hopefully one that will make her pleased,” she said.”

    Holy moly, you give interview saying you want to bring realistic performance and show true character – yet you have no idea what sort of person you are portraying.
    Research department – where are thou ?

    Or has Kate got Sonia’ foot in mouth disease ?

  6. Welcome back Kate – I so miss her on Home & Away!
    I can’t wait to see her in Underbelly – I hope she pops up in other shows too, maybe City Homicide!!!

  7. I always liked Kate so i hope she has signed to Nine. Anyway we’ll now see how good an actress she is.

    And i think she could still do The Young Doctors unless they are filming that as we speak. But i’m sure they could film around Underbelly even if that were so.

  8. so has she signed to ch9?

    i hope not she is such a ch7 person, but then again so was tim cample and shelly craft

    does this put a dampener on the rumour that she will be on young doctors

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