Ladettes in flight frenzy

And here is our first pic of Maria De Corrado, Bianca Stevens, Emily Biggs, Nicole Mitchell, Sarah Brunton, Kristyn Gohrt, Zoe Irons and Skye Harper -the girls in the Aussie version of Ladette to Lady.

Filmed at Eggleston Hall in the UK, the girls comprise Nine’s adaptation of the English series.

But in what sounds like a publicist’s dream, they have been reprimanded by an Emirates’ manager at England’s Newcastle Airport for mucking up on the long flight earlier this month.

One passenger said: “It was disgraceful and those girls brought shame on Australia. There were about six or seven of them and they swore like troopers even after it was pointed out there were young children nearby.

“They were loud and obnoxious, shrieking and cackling in everybody’s faces. They were skipping up and down the aisles. One elderly lady was so upset by their behaviour, she burst into tears.”

The female passenger said of the cabin crew: “The girls were being chaperoned by a young man who was a producer but he was no match for them. They ran rings round him.”

An Emirates spokesman confirmed “a group of passengers on board our flight from Dubai to Newcastle on November 9 acted in an unacceptable manner. We will not tolerate disruptive passengers on board our aircraft.”

One man travelling who was a police officer is going to make an official statement about their behaviour.

Channel Nine spokeswoman Cathrine Mahoney said: “The girls are rough diamonds who apparently lived up to the reasons they were cast in the show.

With the incident on November 9th, it sure took a long time to become news. The story really just reiterates the mayhem the show will promise. You can’t buy this sorta press….



  1. These girls bring shame to all australians, and we wonder why people from around the world vote our country as the rudest people in the world.
    Hope to see these girls around, someone needs to teach them the old school way…..

  2. hey i went to primary and high school with nicole,shes changed ill give her that,thats sevo education for yas 🙂 Rep the sevo kids Nicky go hard girl!!

  3. Heyyy!! This is Skye, the girl in the blue dress.

    I think we where not that bad on the plane. Well maybe for other passengers but it was not intentional. Like imagine this, 8 girls, being flown to England to be on a TV show, excited as hell and being served free alcohol. I think the bit that annoyed the rest of the passengers on the plane was the fact that we where all talking loud to be able to reach to the last girl down the back of thr group. Lets just say, on the way back from England it was a different story, Did not get in trouble once. Oh and no it was not staged… If your sending 8 ladettes on a plane together, what else can you expect? :O

  4. I agree that how they behaved on the flight was unacceptable however, i’ve known one of the girls since i was a baby. How she acted doesn’t show her true character and i think everyone should give them a break. They’re trying to clean up their act, so let them do it !

  5. All i can say is if you are in here making a comment you must be interested or you would not bother i want to know whats wrong with taking a group of trashy girls and showing them there’s more to life then being trashy trust me when i say this is all good and hopefully there better people for there time at Eggleston Hall

  6. Didn’t we already have an Australian version of Ladette to Lady a few years back called “Australian Princess” or similar? I figured that as ‘ladette’ isn’t a word used often here, they decided to give it a different name.

  7. Jerome, you maybe right – perfect contestants (err cast) , now it is upto Nine to hand them perfect script/lines. Must show bra lines, must falldown drunk, must proposition local youth in pub, must start pub brawl, must do any publicity stunt etc..
    Yes folks, sceptic here – I won;t be watching.

  8. Whomever has the task of turning this lot into “ladies” has their work cut out 🙂

    And NK i agree all kids know those “bad” words from primary school. It’s reality ,we don’t live in a disney movie!

  9. Swearing in front of kids teaches them that it’s perfectly acceptable behaviour, though, which it’s not. It’s far more prevalent these days, but that’s only because too many people stopped caring and the message conveyed to kids was that it was socially acceptable. 60 years ago, if you said “damn”, you were swearing. Now it seems that the only word that truly offends the majority is the “c” word, but no doubt that will change over the next couple of decades. Swearing really is completely unnecessary. Surprise, surprise, I never do it :-). I guess my vocabulary is just far more extensive than most people’s… ;-). Seriously, though, I know most of the population swears, but there are still a lot of people who are offended by it.

  10. “There were about six or seven of them and they swore like troopers even after it was pointed out there were young children nearby. They were loud and obnoxious, shrieking and cackling in everybody’s faces. They were skipping up and down the aisles.”

    That perfectly describes the behaviour of the customers I had to deal with last night. And the one on the right in the blue dress is what they all looked like. Argh.

    However, I do love the old “oh no, someone swore in front of the children” angle. I learned the F word at the age of about 6, from schoolyard banter. Surprisingly, I turned out okay.

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