Like sands through the hourglass?

Will the sand finally run out of the hourglass?

Days of Our Lives has been renewed by NBC, but only for 18 months. Underlining the significance of the move, the last time it was picked up it was for five years. In America, where daytime soaps have been subsiding in popularity, Days is tied for third place amongst women 18-49 and is tied as the No. 1 show in women 18-34.

NBC’s current deal for Days -now in its 43rd year- was set to expire in March, which means the new arrangement will keep the soap on the network only through to September 2010. Another year will be triggered if certain benchmarks are met to keep it on the air until September 2011.

The show is expected to make some cast changes too.

In Australia Days still (remarkably) airs on the Nine Network despite it dropping The Young and the Restless in 2007.

Source: Variety


  1. If the way 9 keeps airing Days continues, (interruptions in the summer by cricket and sports broadcasts the sands will run out of the hourglass quicker than expected

  2. John there are other programs that have lasted longer than DOOL’s 43 years

    Coronation Street in the UK has been going since 1960

    And another US soap, Guiding Light, began as a radio serial in the 1930s, and moved to TV in the 1950s. It is still going.

    And Aussie current affairs show Four Corners is now up to its 48th year having started in 1961

  3. Wait, seriously, 43 years? Are you serious? I’m bewildered, how isn’t it the longest running program of all time or something surely there’s a record in that.

  4. B&B is one of those shows that you can not watch for 5 years and then tune in for 5 minutes and instantly know what’s going on. It’s that slow.
    I’ve got a friend who’s been watching it since it started 20 years ago and she still records it religiously every day to watch after work!!

  5. When I was unemployed many years ago I used to watch it everyday. Now I don’t think I would be able to. I’ve grown out of programs like Days of Our Lives and The Bold & The Beautiful that go slower than real time.

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