Masterchef to replace Big Brother

First news from the TEN launch is trickling in….

Big Brother is to be replaced by a 10 week local version of a BBC series, MasterChef Australia.

FremantleMedia will produce the series to air six nights a week.

The show has seen a number of format changes in the UK but essentially involves amateurs cooking  including inventing a dish from scratch in 50 minutes, working a lunchtime shift at a busy restaurant, cooking a final meal of two courses, with ingredients of the contestants’ choice in one hour etc. It originally ran from 1990 to 2001 and was revived in 2005 with two judges.

Rush has also been approved for a second series.

Bondi Rescue is back.

Guerrilla Gardeners and Recruits are also announced.

More to come….


  1. masterchef australia have just signed a 7 month contract from mid Feb 09 to film their production with Haystar at 13 Doody street ,Alexandria 2015. Should be exciting to have such a major show filmed in a quiet suburb of sydney.!!!!!

  2. I watched Masterchef in the UK religiously and it is much more entertaining than any Big Brother I have viewed. For all of you that are writing the show off before it has even aired, I suggest you watch a few episodes of the UK version. You may be pleasantly surprised at the creativity of budding cooks from around the world. This show will be a success, as it is in the UK and US. I think alot of you will be “Eating Your Words”.

  3. masterchef contestant #1

    I find it quite disturbing that so many people out there seem to have a concept that cooking shows only appeal to older people…..don’t any of you people eat, if so you must surely enjoy food!… Fast food is crap, restaurants cost 4 times as much compared to if you made it yourself , and most people enjoy cooking. Big Brother may appeal to some (though I have no idea why…..its a bit sad really, they are just a bunch of nearly normal people in a house….what’s the big deal and the only thing that they had to do was not get voted off!) My (albeit heavily laboured) point, is that just because you are going through puberty and think BB is God’s gift to your tiny life……Not all of us are quite like that. Now I don’t know if it will be any good or not, but seriously as long as it doesn’t try to do what Top gear Australia did, it should be fine. I think that the reason people are so jaded about watching these cooking shows is because they dont appeal to the wider community and audience, when did you see someone say, now this is the best ‘spag bol’ recipe ever, or how to make a fantastic hamburger. The reason so many people out there buy fast food and ready made meals is that they dont know to cook or eat properly, or can’t be arsed thinking about it. It takes just as long to make a delicious healthy hamburger as it does to go and buy one from maccas. (didnt they sponsor BB) you see my point. I for one am looking forward to it!!

  4. I have seen Masterchef for myself on Pay TV and I must say that I am looking forward to seeing a local version.

    It is quite frankly, Australian Idol meets Ramsay, without the expletives.

    The standard of the cooking and the judging is very high, the dishes are thoroughly inspirational. Comparing Masterchef to Ready, steady, cook is like comparing Kofi Annan to a Life coach.

  5. Why don’t they stop wasting their money on reality shows are start using it on buying more scripted shows. They make cost more but they’ll be well rewarded if they keep them going.

    What am I saying? 10 will never learn.

  6. Goodbye 10-35 year olds for Channel Ten.
    you have handed seven and nine what ratings you had left.
    Bring Back Big Brother you idiots. It was the best show on TV.
    I heard it rated better than anything you have on now.
    What a disappointment.

  7. Has anyone ever seen this show??? It’s actually not a bad show, well, the UK one anyway. It’s better than Ready, Steady, Cook. But that’s if you like these types of cooking shows.

    But then again, some people want to watch a bunch of idiots doing every day stuff cause they don’t have a life of their own, than to watch a show that is trying to inspire people to cook health, nutrious & delicious meals rather than eat expensive takeaways that make you fat.

  8. Epic failure to the same degree as Jasmin’s Getting Married.

    Looking forwards to BB in 2010. The only reason it never worked for Ten was because they let it deteriorate into a bogan show appealing to teenies rather than a ‘human zoo’ type show appealing to adults, as it is in all successful versions around the world. It’s their own fault, not the format’s.

  9. Wow…. i have watched every big brother season and I have zero interest in watching this and I feel a lot of people won’t ive a crap.

    Just because BB was a reality show in this timeslot, doesn’t mean it can be filled by any reality show. If you can’t find a good idea, don’t put one on.

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