Munro for Sunday Night?

The Sunday Telegraph reports retired Nine newsman Mike Munro has auditioned for the hosting role in Seven’s new Sunday Night current affairs program.

Munro was spotted at Seven’s Epping studios, ‘prompting speculation that screen tests for the supposedly top secret and hot show were underway.’

Others reported to have auditioned include Canberra-based political editor Mark Riley, plus Sydney presenters Chris Bath and Natalie Barr.

Producers are said to be considering a male and female host for the new show. So far there are no guarantees the show will compete head to head against 60 Minutes. Seven could move strategically with a 6:30pm show, particularly if it wants to return Dancing with the Stars to a 7:30pm slot at some point in 2009.

Former Sunday journalists Jane Hansen plus recent Gold Walkley winner Ross Coulthart are also signed to the show.

Reporters are believed to have been placed in three countries ready to shoot stories for the project.

Source: Sunday Telegraph


  1. Mike Munro was out of order in his interview with Mr Burgess.
    Mr Burgess was collecting memorabilia for a Museum to honor the fallen men.
    This site was not a designated burial site.
    I was annoyed at the attitude of the inteview.
    Mr Burgess handeled himself well; as he said the interview was hiacked.

    Get on to real stories of interest Mike.
    Stop trying to tear people apart.

  2. I agree with Tim,Natalie Barr would be great host for this new program,she deserves it after all her years of hard work at network.I believe she deserves a chance to prove that she does have serious talent,shes been unused by seven for way too long.

  3. Munro,Riley or Bath would be decent choices as hosts.Munro would add street cred and annoy Nine to boot, Riley could be disaster or genius (off beat humour might work) and Chris Bath just seems perfectly suited for this, right amount of knowledge, connects well with public and seems to me to have the interests of the viewing public at heart
    Wrong vehicle for Nat Barr methinks.

  4. mark riley definately!!!!!!!!!!! he is great, every report i have seen him do on the news i have been like: well done whoever did that (which i don’t think often) and so often it is mark riley.
    something in the way that he balances a good amount of appropriate humour

    chris bath, also great but as a host not a reporter, and has people appeal (came 2nd in DWTS

    not natalie barr, does a good job on giggly sunrise but a different type of good is needed for this job

    munro i think is very appropriate, has a great deal of much needed respect for a show like this.

    this show should definitely be at 6:30, good flow on from powerful 7 news, no competition with established 60mins and would give the night a good lead in

  5. He wont go,

    to begin with i honestly dont expect to see Mike Munro on Channel 7!

    secondly didnt i read somewhere that David Gyngell (Nine CEO) has said that Mike will be hosting next years season of Missing Persons Unit (M.P.U) and seeing how Nine are keeping the This Is Your Life rights i also read he will be doing iregular This Is Your Life Shows the same as this year!

    I always loved Mike, Shame to see him go really especially to Nine. What happens when Roscoe retires i dont see Seven News keeping Number One Spot.

  6. Ouch for 9, bit of a kick in the teeth if he does in fact join Sunday Night. That would be a massive coup for 7, and a step in the right direction for quality journalism. If this show actually works next year, I have a feeling 9 are going to fall apart on Sundays.

  7. Traitor!

    Not a big loss at all to Nine anyway. What I dont get is why he’d want to go to 7?

    They may be number one but only thanks to over 55’s and I doubt they can hold onto that ranking for more than three years.

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