Nine’s summer of Gossip

Gossip Girl, Pushing Daisies, Survivor: Gabon, Temptation, Fringe, ER, McLeod’s Daughters -are all coming to Channel Nine over summer.

Gossip Girl, the teen soap set in affluent Manhattan high school circles, has been screening on FOX8 (Pay TV has season two from December) but finally gets a Free to Air screening. Nine, which on-sold the rights to FOX8, will start with Series One. It is the second time the network on-sold a series by writer / producer Josh Schwartz, after it let TEN take The OC.

Also on Nine over summer is the long overdue premiere of Pushing Daisies. The quirky, colourful tale about a pie maker with the ability to revive the dead (or to end their life) with a touch of his finger was due to screen during the ratings season, but it didn’t eventuate. The series launched to much acclaim in the US before the writer’s strike, but now appears close to ending. It is created by Bryan Fuller (Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me) and produced by film producer Barry Sonnenfeld.

Survivor fans will get the Gabon series, which recently started in the US. It is expected to air at the end of Survivor: Micronesia.

ER is finally back with series 14, it’s penultimate season.

Other shows taken off air also return: McLeod’s Daughters, Fringe, Battlefronts, The Closer and the last (ever?) batch of Temptation episodes. Big Bang Theory returns from next week.

Another medical factual series The Waiting Room will premiere. Deadly Surf and Australian Geographic return.

But there is still more Two and a Half Men along with CSI, Cold Case, Australia’s Funniest Home Videos.

As always Nine’s summer programming is underpinned by its cricket coverage.

What do you think? A few treats to lure you to the box?

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  1. I have to say finally give those 2.5 men a break and put something new and exciting on!!!!!!
    You could make a modern day Price is Right or similar game show and show that at 7pm.
    No More ACA Summer Editions better off using that timeslot for a proven comedy that has not been seen in Years.

  2. Agree with Benno

    starting to get really pissed off that they keep taking shows off air….

    before they even start… wonder no one can get into it ….

    so doesnt any one know when gossip girl will come on dvd

    as always i have to wait for the dvd

  3. Let’s see…..Gossip Girl – gone, Pushing Daisies – promised, then never came, Chuck (not here, but still), promised, then never came, Temptation – bowing out from decades of history in non-ratings in the AM, Fringe – brought back then cut short by a few episodes, McLeod’s Daughters – bumped from Saturday night to late Saturday night….

    But forget all that…..Choose nine in 09……please……you know you want to, they won’t disappoint you….

  4. this is great news although it is a bit disappointing it has taken them this long to get it on air on non pay TV. My friend already has the whole first season on dvd from overseas so i’ve already seen about 9 episodes.
    It is annoying that it’s on at 10:30 though, i mean it is a bit late for TV…
    and why hasn’t there been many advertisements?
    i agree that it’s more a channel 10 show

  5. Considering how long it’s been since Gossip Girl debut, I don’t think moving it to 10 would make a difference. Sure they may show it at prime time but I doubt it would rate now. And anyway, I doubt they would’ve shown it right away. They may not have waited as long as 9 but they still wouldn’t have “fast tracked” it.

  6. 9 missed a huge opportunity with Gossip Girl. If they had not have onsold it to Fox8 and just started showing it when they bought it they would have made a killing.
    However, Gossip Girl would be much more at hoem on Chanel 10. They would promote it much better and show it primetime onstead of 10.30.
    Anyway, 9 have left it to late, most of the audience have seen it on Fox or have downloaded it.

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