Novel approach to Nine’s “boy’s club”

Former Channel Nine publicity director Wendy Squires is writing a book for Random House called The Boys Club.

The March release is being billed as a TV version of The Devil Wears Prada.

A previous publication wryly titled Boned, pitted a feisty heroine against the blokey culture of an Australian TV station. Some would argue that the fear before its publication was not matched by the reality of the novel.

A better read was no doubt Gerald Stone’s “Who Killed Channel Nine?’

According the, Squires has been reported as saying her book, one of two she is contracted to write, will “blow the lid off the television industry”.



  1. Who Killed Channel Nine is sitting on my shelf, waiting to be read, while Boned really didn’t live up to the hype. I hope this new book actually names some names, or at least gives an honest account of what Wendy has witnessed during her years at Nine.

  2. More words that highlight the bitchiness in TV industry yet fails to name names.
    Just like another column in Confidential – hints at this and that..and too gutless to get to the point.

    How about action rather than words from these souls.
    Gerald Stone at least put his name and backed up his words.

  3. If you’re going to write a book *ahem* then put your name to it.

    Also, Boned wasn’t very good. I didn’t believe the character. At times it felt like two people wrote it – the style chopped and changed.

    Anonymous’ work has really gone downhill since Primary Colours.

  4. “Blow the lid off the television industry” – In other words: they don’t give a toss about their viewers, and are only interested in immediate results over long-term stability.

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