One actor, two timeslots.

He hasn’t quite had the year that Vince Colosimo has enjoyed, but 2008 sure comes close for Frankie J. Holden.

Not only did he appear in Underbelly as cop, but he went on to play one in The Strip too.

On Thursday night he pops up in the ABC’s history docudrama Infamous Victory: Ben Chifley’s Battle for Coal.. He plays Arthur Calwell, Minister for Immigration in the story of a prime minister who went to war against his own during the national miners’ strike of 1949.

Bizarrely, Holden will find himself playing against himself.

In a programming quirk, both the ABC doco and The Strip will air at 8:30pm Thursday.

If he keeps this up “Eddie Everywhere” may just lose his title…


  1. Wasn’t Calwell the man who famously uttered the ‘2 Wongs don’t make a white’ line? I’ll tell you what ABC is going hell for leather on these historic political docudramas

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