Pushing Daisies, Chuck on the move.

EXCLUSIVE: TV Tonight hears that quirky US drama Pushing Daisies and dramedy Chuck have been on-sold by Channel Nine.

The shows, both promised by Nine for 2008, will now air on another broadcaster -very possibly Foxtel.

Daisies was even plugged by the network as part of a free DVD giveaway in newspapers earlier this year, as a bright new hope for 2009.

Now the shows are considered too niche for the network.

Nine has previously on-sold other shows including The OC, The West Wing and Gossip Girl -which ironically has a summer screening coming after it has aired on FOX8. Three shows (OC, Chuck and Gossip Girl) are from creator Josh Schwartz. Seems he just doesn’t fit with Nine!

Pushing Daisies has also just been cancelled in the US.

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  1. I have just read in this weeks TV Week (Australia) that Pushing Daisies will be shown on Foxtel/Austar’s W Channel. I have season 1 on DVD and am waiting for Season 2. It’s a shame it’s been cancelled. It’s stupid for Channel 9 to pay to advertise a show that they aren’t even going to show. Grr!!! My picture is crap on Nine anyway. Bring on Pushing Daisies to W Channel.

  2. Pushing Daisies on 10? That will be…weird. Not in a good way either. I wouldn’t mind if they showed it without taking it off but it’s obviously not possible in this day and age. I wish there was hope for Pushing Daisies to continue but it looks gloomy. I thought there was a great hope for Moonlight and look what happened to that.

    I want to see Reaper and I want it NOW. I’m tired of waiting. And I’m dying to see Chuck too.

  3. I honestly love both these shows. Both are excellent, and I actually think both shows could do well. Chuck especially. The networks would just need to give them good timeslots and advertise them. Why get rid of chuck though? That got a full season order..

    I wish networks gaves shows more of a chance. 9 will look stupid if 7 picks up chuck and it’s a hit, and Pushing Daises isn’t officially dead, it’s in limbo. I actually haven’t been getting the second season of Pushing Daises because i thought 9 was airing it in dec/jan, and figured i’d wait until they caught up.

    Is Channel 7 still going to have Reaper on at some stage? If you like chuck, you’ll like reaper, although it took a couple episodes to convince me, but it quickly got away from monster of the week storys.

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