Returning: Canal Road

Finally those unaired episodes of Canal Road are returning to screen.

There are two episodes of the 13 part drama that Nine hasn’t yet aired.

The first will screen at 10:30pm Saturday December 13.

Significantly, as a first run episode it will contribute to Nine’s local drama quota for 2008. Points aren’t affected by whether dramas are run in or out of ratings season, so long as they air between 5pm -11pm.

Canal Road will follow a double-dose of McLeod’s Daughters on December 13. The previous week, December 6, the rural favourite returns, but is followed by an AFI Awards special.

Part drama / mystery, Canal Road was one of several new dramas by Nine this year, but failed to fire with viewers. It went through several scheduling switches, including a run during the Olympics.

Synopsis: When Bridget becomes mysteriously ill, Olivia suspects her drug-using party lifestyle is to blame. As Bridget’s symptoms worsen, Bridget becomes convinced that her flatmate Daina is poisoning her. Stars Diana Glenn, Sibylla Budd and Brooke Satchwell.

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  1. Can you pls tell me the name of the song and artist who sang the very last song on the very last episode of Canal Road. It was a female and the name of the song would probably be something like: “Here We Are (again)”. Thank you

  2. Putting any Australian drama on opposite packed to the Rafetrs would be TV Suicide, Packed to the Rafetrs is now Australia’s most watched show and any rival that got in the way would be chewed up and spat out in seconds!

    I love Packed to the Rafters, but i also strongly belive Australia needs a new outback drama to replace Mcleod’s daughters.

  3. It’s dissapointing that n a summer dominated by American imports Nine chooses to bury Canal Road at 10.30 Sat and McLeod’s on the same night.

    Correct me if I’m wrong bbut both shows got about that same as ‘Fringe’ – which Nine is giving a prime summer slot.

    I’d put McLeod’s or Canal Road 8.30 Tuesday to capitalise on the audience craving Aussie drama when Packed to the Rafters and All Saints vacates the night.

  4. It was just a scam to get viewers to buy the DVDs so they can have a resolution to the storyline by waiting months to air them on TV. I noticed the latest McLeods Daughters DVD on sale before nine will air it as well.

  5. Yes it is on DVD and I watched the final episodes months ago. It’s a shame a show like this didn’t get shown every week, it needed to so the viewers could follow it properly…

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