Returning: Where Are They Now?

There's a bit of nostalgia coming as Rowena Wallace, Peter Phelps and Belinda Giblin gather for a Sons & Daughters reunion.

Once Dancing with the Stars finishes, Seven has a new Where Are They Now? special hosted by David Koch and Melissa Doyle (note: there’s actually no “?” on the title but there will be on this site).

It airs at 7:30pm Sunday November 16.

The special features a reunion of the long-running soap, Sons and Daughters, with appearances by Rowena Wallace, Peter Phelps, Ally Fowler, Tom Richards, Ian Rawlings and Belinda Giblin.

As some fans will remember, this was a show produced by Grundy Productions with families based in both Sydney and Melbourne, as a way of trying to win over viewers in both cities. There had never been a drama with more STD phone calls than this one!

The soap is airing on Seven late on Thursday nights (Friday morning) on Seven.

TV fans will also note a segment featuring Tempestt Bledsoe from The Cosby Show.

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  1. hi im glad you are having sons and daughters stars on what about having another bay city roller would be great and some stars of prisoner like patsy king fiona spence betty bobbit collette mann

  2. Even though I am not fond of Mel and kochie I will watch this to see Peter Phelps, having not seen him in anything apart from All Saints since Stingers was axed.

  3. Is this one of the Where Are They Now episodes that were not shown in South Australia last year due to Seven’s coverage of Sunday twilight AFL matches? (By my estimation, SA missed out on up to 6 episodes because the footy aired from 4.30pm to 7.30pm)

  4. I am totally tragic I love sons and daughters I am watching the weekly 12:30am repeats on seven just wish they would show more episodes a week and Rowena did an outstanding job of playing pat the rat

  5. Peter Phelps has not been out of the spotlight much either & Ian of course was in Neighbours. Will still be interesting to listen to them chat about the good old days and perhaps get a bit of gossip!

  6. Hah! A where are they now segment on Rowena Wallace? SInce when did she go away! lol
    From describing every single battle she has gone through to the Woman’s Mag circut not to mention the revealing of way too much information about her health issues over and over again on ACA and TT. Talk about issues!

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