Scarier than Halloween

Halloween is an American tradition, and thankfully not one that’s yet over-bloated here.

On American TV there are always opportunities to celebrate the odd occasion. The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror finally managed to send-up Charlie Brown‘s “Great Pumpkin” story. Milhouse is Linus. Lisa is Sally.

On The View, they dressed up as former US Presidents (were they that scary, girls?). Whoopi Goldberg appeared as Franklin D. Roosevelt, Joy Behar was Theodore Roosevelt, Barbara Walters was George Washington, Sherri Shepherd was Abraham Lincoln on a penny!

And Elisabeth Hasselbeck dressed as Ronald Reagan. Bush is scarier…

The episode should be airing today on Nine.

Update: and look which guest frocked up as Barbara Bush!


  1. Why is Australia so uptight? Why don’t we celebrate Halloween? Sure they sell some Halloween things here but we don’t actually celebrate it. I remember as a kid I always wondered why this was the case. It’s a shame. It’s looks so enjoyable.

  2. Typical Elizabeth dresses up as Regan, one of the most conservative presidents in America’s history, quite responsible for letting AIDS become the global epidemic it now is….

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